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Between 1913 and 1970, the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) produced a calendar annually and distributed it free of charge through its department stores, various administrative offices and trading posts. Though the amount produced each year varied and averaged about one hundred thousand. These calendars now represent important Canadian history ephemera and are rare, especially with complete or partial date block intact. We have placed materials with the major institutions, and with private collectors.

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The Battle in the Bay, 1697

Hudson's Bay Company, 1937.


(Original Calendar) Very good condition. 30.5" X 18.5" original calendar. Black metal hangers at top and bottom with slight chipping to paint. Some mild chipping to side edges of calendar; slight creasing and rippling from being rolled up at one time. With large colourful central image. Date pad contains only December and the following page containing a summary of 1938; with paper remaining at staples from other months. Pencil markings on the summary of 1937 which lies on the calendar itself beneath the date page. With "Ship your furs to Hudson's Bay Company fur purchasing agency 10164 - 103 rd. St. Edmonton, Alta." stamped on either side of calendar block, above which are two HBC crests. Description of image on back of calendar.


Image of original painting by Norman Wilkinson depicts two grand gold and red ships, sailing in a rich blue sea. The Battle in the Bay was began when, in 1697, the French attempted to drive the English traders from York and Albany. The French flag-ship 'the Pelican' and the English ship 'Owner's Love' are shown here in battle.

Aquila Books # 134687 - $450 USD













Nicholas Garry at Slave Falls

Hudson's Bay Company, 1959


Original calendar. Very good. 25.5" X 16" (65 X 40.6 cm). Tan background with richly coloured image taking up roughly 2/3 of calendar. Dark gray metal hangers at top and bottom. Some light crease marks at edges. Some staining near top (especially at right corner), a few soiled spots scattered across as well as a light liquid stain to bottom right corner of date block covering roughly 2/3's of it (the stain is only visible on the first month and does not effect the rest of the date block). Paper hanger at top, worn beneath. Date block contains August until December.


Image by Rex Woods depicting a group of elegantly dressed men lunching at Slave Falls by the Winnipeg River. Nicholas Garry, one of the men depicted, was a director of the Hudson Bay Company and later Deputy Governor. Rex Woods, an artist and illustrator, was born in England, in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, on 21 July 1903 and died in Toronto, Canada on 18 November 1987. Woods came to Toronto as a young man in 1920 and studied at the Ontario College of Art. After graduating, Woods worked in various Toronto art studios. Sometime in the 1930s, Woods decided to work independently and quickly became one of Canada's most successful and sought-after illustrators. He contributed on a regular basis to popular magazines such as MacLean's and the Canadian Home Journal, and drew advertisements for many of Canada's leading companies. Woods' commercial illustrations are indicative of several threads in the popular culture of Canada between 1930 and 1950. His magazine covers often objectify and idealize women but this work is perhaps more reflective of his clients and their market than the artist's own attitude.

Aquila Books # 134720 - $200 USD SOLD


17th Century Eskimos Trading with HBC Ship

Hudson's Bay Company, 1957.


(Original Calendar) Very good. 29" X 18.5". Beige background with large colourful image taking up roughly 2/3 of calendar. Metal hangers at top and bottom. Light creasing near side edges from being rolled up. Slight liquid stain to bottom right corner. Missing all of date pad (description visible where date pad was); three spots of glue/paper residue and staple marks remain where the date pad once was. A very nice calendar.


Image by Franklin Arbuckle, RCA. Calendar boasts a beautiful depicting a majestic ship in the ice being approached by several Eskimos and their canoes. The image shows the trading with the Eskimos by the HBC conducted in the 17th century. This was part of the regular trade that occurred between the two groups before the trading posts where established in 1909. "In the picture the Eskimos, standing on the candled ice of a floe, and clad in sealskin and caribou skin, are displaying white fox pelts and a polar bear skin" (from description at back of date pad)


Aquila Books # 134681 - $425 USD














Hearne Builds Cumberland House 1774-1775. Hudson's Bay Company, 1952.


(Original Calendar) Near fine. 18 1/4" X 29 1/4" with metal hanger top and bottom. Dark red background with colour image. Light chipping to edges with creasing near edges, especially at bottom, from being rolled up. With full date pad stapled down, complete with description of the image on top. HBC crests two either side of date pad. Rare with full pad and in such good condition.


Artist George Franklin Arbuckle. Image depicts men looking at building plans while those in the background appear to be starting a foundation. The image is in rich tones with delicate wood detail and intricate cloud pattern in the sky above. "The building of Cumberland House, in what is now Saskatchewan, is regarded by Historians as one of the most important developments in the history of the West" as it reflected a major change of policy for the HBC and was the first of many interior posts.


Aquila Books # 134680 - $425 USD



Council of the Northern Department of Rupert's Land, Meeting at Norway House, June 21st, 1836

Hudson's Bay Company, 1936


Original colour calendar. 30.5" X 18.25". Some light creasing, generally not affecting image (which measures 16" X 15.5"). With the original metal hangers on top and bottom of calendar and the full 12 month calendar pad. Two old, small adhesive stains to calendar pad.


A vibrant Hudson's Bay Company calendar, unfaded and with the complete calendar pad. The image depicts several men of the Council of the Northern Department of Rupert's Land seated around a table at Norway House, Manitoba. The Council was in charge of managing a huge area of Canada lying between Hudson's Bay and the Rocky Mountains and between the US border and the Arctic Ocean. A very attractive calendar.




Aquila Books # 137606 - $450 USD




The First Recorded Crossing of the Simpson Pass/Lower Fort Garry/The Blockhouse

 HBC/Henry Morgan & Co. Limited, 1963.


(Original Calendar). 3 pages with 4 months each. Good to very good. 25" X 16" (63.5 X 40.6 cm). Tan background with richly coloured image taking up top half of each sheet. Dark brown metal hangers at top. Paper hanger at top, creased and worn, with small holes worn in the paper beneath. Some staining to the top of each sheet; the last two also display a few small stains at the bottom. 4 months printed onto each page. A nice copy.


Simpson Pass Image by Nicholas Morant. The image depicts the pass which is situated between the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. The second page image shows Lower Fort Garry by Paul Chipman. The final page shows an image of the Sault Ste. Marie Blockhouse by Gordon MacAuley.


Aquila Books # 134722 - $150 USD




S.S. 'Beaver' Off Fort Victoria 1864

Hudson's Bay Co. 1933


Artist: Adam Sherriff Scott of Montreal. 75 X 47 cm, (29.5" X 18.5"). Very good condition. Original calendar with metal edge at top and bottom. Vivid colours. Complete date pad with only slight wear to edges of top month. In very good condition with very few chips to edges and two tiny puncture marks near bottom right outside of image. A great calendar.


Calendar image depicts the "S.S. Beaver", one of the Hudson's Bay Companies most famous ships. It was the first steamship to round Cape Horn and reach the Pacific Coast. For many years the ship played a very important role in the development of British Columbia and the Pacific Coast. The image shows a view of the ship from the forest (two figures wrapped in blankets are depicted looking out).


$475 USD

On Hold





Discovery of the Coppermine River by Samuel Hearne 1771

Hudson's Bay Company, 1923


Original colour calendar. 30.5" X 18.25". One rather inconspicuous vertical crease through image. Additional smaller marginal creases, generally not touching main image. Some discrete professional restoration to edges. With the original metal hangers, small printed information sheet, and the full 12 month calendar pad. Colours bright and unfaded. The informational sheet is loosely tipped to the front of the poster and can be easily removed in desired.


A vibrant, early Hudson's Bay Company calendar depicting Chief Matonabbee showing Samuel Hearne the Coppermine River while three of Matonabbee's companions look on in the background. The original painting was done by Frank H. Johnston. Unlike many of the calendars, the margins are not a single mat colour but feature an illustrated forest scene with drawings of native artifacts flanking the calendar pad. A rare calendar and one of the first 10 issued by the Hudson's Bay Company in their series of calendars illustrated with famous Canadian paintings; this is the first example we've handled.

         Aquila Books # 137609   $750 USD SOLD


Trading into Hudson's Bay

Hudson's Bay Co. 1935


Artist: Adam Sherriff Scott. 76 X 46 cm, (30" X 18"). Original calendar with metal edge at top and bottom. Rich colours. Date pad with May- December (first 4 months missing). In very good condition with some light chipping to edge. A great calendar with many rich blue tones.


Calendar image depicts the HBC supply ship "Nascopie" and the government patrol ship "N. B. McLean" lying off Wolstenholme post at the South West entrance to the Hudson Straight 1933.


$400 USD








HBC Headquarters Warehouse in Lachine

Fort Prince of Wales, Manitoba

Fort Langley, BC

Hudson's Bay Co. 1962


15 3/4" X 24 7/8" with metal hanger at top. Original calendar 1962. Three pages with printed date blocks for four month periods. Each page with a separate image and information about the image beneath. In very good condition with minimal edge wear and very slight buckling. Hole near top edge from being hung, which is slightly worn around with some small closed tears.


 The first page  (Jan-April) shows "Lachine, Quebec [which] was the Hudson's Bay Company's headquarters from 1826-1860, with the exception of a brief period in the 1830's when Governor George Simpson resided at the Red River Settlement". Artist: Malak. Page two  (May-August) displays Fort Prince of Wales in Manitoba which was started in 1732 and took almost 40 years to complete. Artist: George Hunter. The third page shows Fort Langley in BC which was established by the HBC in 1827 and is now a national historic park. Artist: George Hunter.


$150 USD


The Spring Brigade Leaves Montreal

Hudson's Bay Co. 1948


Artist: Frankin Aruckle, RCA, OSA. 76 X 46 cm, (30" X 18"). Original calendar with metal edge at top and bottom. Rich colours. Date pad with only November and December remaining. A great calendar with many rich blue tones.


Calendar shows the spring brigade leaving Montreal for the West. It includes an express Canoe and three freight canoes leaving Lachine.


$325 USD






Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Accepts Payment of Rent from the Hudson's Bay Company 1959

Hudson's Bay Co. 1961


23 1/4" X 15 3/4". Original calendar 1961 with metal hanger at top and bottom. Bright colours. Image 10 3/4" X 13". Date pad contains months September-Dec 1961, the rest are missing. In very good condition with some minor rippling and several creases at edges (two longest are 3"). Some very light staining near top. Slightly worn at edges.


Image shows, in accordance with the Royal Charter of 1670, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II being presented with two elk heads and two black beaver pelts by W. J. Keswick, the Governor of the HBC. The presentation takes place at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg on July 24th, 1959 during the Royal Tour of Canada. This is the second of such payments made to the reigning sovereign in the history of the HBC. In 1939 King George VI, father to the queen accepted a similar payment. 

$175.00 USD





The Parting of the Brigades, Athabasca River, October 1826

Hudson's Bay Co. 1938


Artist: Walter J. Phillips. Calendar 18 1/4" X 30 1/4". Illustration 15 3/4" by 16 1/2" with description underneath. Original HBC Calendar in silver frame. Date pad containing all twelve months. Two light stains from tape on the top and one on the left side. Small tear from tape on the the top right and wear to edges.


When many fur traders traveled together, it was called a “brigade” this images shows two such brigades parting ways at the Yellow head pass, in the Athabasca river. Image painted by Walter J. Phillips, a Canadian artist famous for his woodcuts and watercolour paintings.

$400 U.S.    SOLD

Original Hudson's Bay Company Calendar 1966


Open 20" X 14". Three pages with months, each has 4 months at bottom with illustration at top. Held together at middle with staples. In very good condition. In original HBC envelope which is slightly worn.


First image (for months January- April) shows painting by William G. Davies of the 'North-West Mounted Police at Lower Fort Garry' practicing their foot drill in the Spring of 1874. The second image (May-August) is a Lorne Bouchard R.C.A. Painting of 'Vilhjalmur Stefansson's First Arctic Expedition' in July 1906 as the world famous Arctic explorer is leaving Fort McPherson on the Peel River. The third pages (for September to December) have a Walter Yarwood image of 'Haida Potlatch on the Pacific Coast' a ceremony that was held to mark any important event in the life of Haida Indians.

$65 USD



First White Women Arrive at Moose Fort 1683

Hudson's Bay Co. 1960


 Artist: Will Davies. 23 1/4" X 15 3/4". Original calendar with metal hanger at top and bottom. Bright colours. Date pad contains months August-Dec 1960, the rest are missing. In very good condition with two mild creases crossing horizontally. Some very small stains/foxing near top. Slightly worn at edges. A very nice calendar.


Image (9 3/4" X 13 1/4") depicts several of the first white women arriving at Moose Fort with several men and women and one child with Natives looking at them and a teepee and the fort in the background. In 1673, Charles Bayly of the Hudson's Bay Company established a fur-trading post originally called Moose Fort which is now the area called Moose Factory in Ontario, near the Moose River, this fort is shown on the image.

SOLD  $175.00 U.S.


Hudson's Bay Co. 1948

Original calendar 1948.  181/4" X 301/8"  With metal hanger top and bottom.  "The Spring Brigade Leaves Montreal"  Artist Franklin Arbuckle.  with last page of date pad December.  $200 US SOLD

Hudson's Bay Co. 1941

Original calendar 1941.  181/4" X 305/8"  With metal hangers top and bottom. "McLoughlin welcomes the Americans"  Artist Charles Fraser Comfort.  With complete calendar pad.  $250 US SOLD

Hudson's Bay Co.  1957

Original calendar 1957.  181/4" X 291/4"  with metal hangers top and bottom.  "17th Century Eskimos Trading With HBC Ship"  Artist Franklin Arbuckle, R.C.A.  one page of date pad.   SOLD

Hudson's Bay Co 1935

Original Hudson's Bay Company Calendar.  1935.  30 5/16" X 18 1/4". With one page of date pad - December 1935.  "Trading into Hudon's Bay" the Hudson Bay Company supply ship "NASCOPIE" and the Government patrol ship "N. B. McLEAN" lying off Wolstenholme Post at the southwest entrance to Hudson Strait 1933. Original painting by Adam Sherriff Scott.                                  SOLD


Hudson's Bay Co. 1950

Original calendar 1950.  181/4" X 301/8"  With metal hanger top and bottom.  "John Pritchard "Taken By The Ice" on the Abitibi, 1814."  Artist George Franklin Arbuckle.  1 page of date pad December.  $175 US  SOLD




Hudson's Bay Co. 1949

Original Calendar. 1949.  181/4" X 305/8"  with metal hanger top and bottom.  "Building Fort Yukon 1847-1848"  Artist Walter J. Phillips.  no date pad December.  $200 US SOLD




Hudson's Bay Co. 1944

Original Calendar 1944 181/4" X 213/4" with metal hanger top and bottom.  "Chief Trader McDonald descending the Fraser." Artist Adam Sherriff Scott.  Last page of date  December $250 US SOLD



Hudson's Bay Co. 1956

Original calendar 1956. 181/4" X 297/8"  with metal hanger top and bottom, small nick to paper right hand side.  "Trading Ceremony at York Factory"  Artist Adam Sherriff Scott.  No date pad.  $200 USSOLD


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