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Aquila books HAS acquired the entire remaining stock of Bibliotheca Australiana, The Argonaut Press, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, and a number of individual titles from the publisher, Nico Israel of Amsterdam

Bibliotheca Australiana (BA)
This extensive series of facsimile editions chronicles four hundred years of Pacific exploration, from the beginning of the sixteenth century to the highly organized scientific expeditions of the nineteenth century. For each work the most important edition is reproduced. MOST ITEMS IN THIS SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.  A COMPLETE SET OF THESE TITLES IS AVAILABLE.

The Argonaut Press (AP)
Facsimile editions of classics of travel and exploration. ALL ITEMS IN THE SERIES ARE AVAILABLE. COMPLETE SET AVAILABLE

Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (AT)
Facsimile editions of rare atlases and pilot books. ONLY LIMITED ITEMS IN THIS SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.

Extra Series
In addition the above series, a number of other important reprints and original works published by Nico Israel are available.

All books in these series are printed on fine, durable paper and sturdily bound. The many maps and charts have received special attention. The bindings are uniform for the first two series.

See the price list of these Nico Israel Publications.

The Bibliotheca Australiana (BA), Argonaut Press (AP), and Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (AT) volumes are listed alphabetically in separate editions of the catalogue. Each volume should be ordered by the BA, AP, or AT number followed by author and title. Remaining titles should be ordered by N.I. number, followed by author and title only. For further ordering instructions see our ORDERING INFORMATION page.

Bibliotheca Australiana  (back to top)

This extensive series of exact facsimile editions chronicles four hundred years of Pacific Exploration, from the beginning of the 16th Century to the highly organized scientific expeditions of the 19th Century.  For each work, only the most important edition was reproduced.  each volume is bound in matching simulated velum, with stamped titles.

PLEASE NOTE:  One complete set of the published Bibliotheca Australiana is available.  This complete set includes all the BA series titles listed below [ 43 titles, in 65 volumes ] with the exception of BA 48, and BA 65, which were never published.  All titles in this complete set are in as new condition, most still in their original wrapping and box from the publisher.  This is an excellent opportunity to acquire this important set of increasingly rare titles.  see prices

ARAGO, Jacques - BA, vol. 45 - [# 100 - 039] Narrative of a Voyage round the World, in the Uranie and Physicienne Corvettes, commanded by Captain Freycinet, during the years 1817-1820. London, 1823. (1970). 26 x 20 cm. Two parts in one. 628 pp., with a world map & 25 plates. Simile vellum. The principal object of Freycinet's expedition was the investigation of the shape of the earth, and of the elements of terrestrial magnetism. After having visited the Cape of Good Hope, the expedition sailed to Western Australia and on to Hawaii. Over 50 pp. relate to Guam and nearly 100 to Hawaii. New South Wales was then visited also.  see prices

BEECHEY, Frederick William - BA, vols. 34-35 [ # 100 - 008] Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait. London, 1831. (1968). Two volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 954 pp., 23 plates, of which 4 fold; 1 portr.; 3 maps, of which 2 fold. Simile vellum. An extremely important voyage, as Beechey, in cooperation with Franklin and Parry, was attempting to locate a North-West passage. Beechey discovered several South Sea Islands; he also visited Tahiti and Pitcairn, where he met John Adams, survivor of the Bounty mutiny. Adams' lengthy account of this mutiny is included in Beechey's narrative. see prices

BENNETT, Frederick D. - BA, vols. 46-47 [ # 100 041] Narrative of a Whaling Voyage round the Globe, from the year 1833 to 1836. Comprises sketches of Polynesia, California, the Indian Archipelago, etc. With an account of Southern Wales. London, 1840. (1970). Two volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 822 pp., with fold. map & 2 plates. Simile vellum. This is one of the only two works on the whale fishery which Herman Melville considered to be of any value. During his three years' voyage many South Sea Islands were visited, as well as California. see prices

BETAGH, William (not published) - BA, vol. 48 - A Voyage round the World. Being an account of a remarkable Enterprise, begun in the year 1719, chiefly to cruise on the Spaniards in the Great South Ocean. London, 1728. (1970). 22.5 x 14 cm. 360 pp., with a map & 4 plates. Simile vellum. Narrative of Shelvocke's buccaneering expedition by the captain of marines. Betagh does everything possible to discredit Shelvocke's own account of the same expedition (see BA, vol. 71). see prices

BOUGAINVILLE, Louis de - BA, vol. 12 - [ # 100 - 068]  A Voyage round the World. Performed by Order of His Most Christian Majesty, in the Years 1766-9. Translated from the French by John Reinhold Forster. London, 1772. (1967). 26 x 20 cm. 504 pp., with 5 maps. Simile vellum. First English translation of the account of one of the earliest scientific expeditions into the South Sea and the beginning of French explorations in Australasia. see prices

BROSSES, Charles de - BA, vols. 1-2 [# 100 - 351]  Histoire des Navigations aux Terres Australes. Contenant ce que l'on sçait des moeurs et des productions des Contrées découvertes jusqu'e à ce jour; (etc.). Two volumes. Paris, 1756. (1967). 26 x 20 cm. 1,016 pp., with 7 maps. Simile vellum. One of the outstanding works relating to the early history of Australasia. Brosses claims in this work that France should settle Australia. see prices

BROUGHTON, William Robert - BA, vol. 13 [ # 100 - 349] A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean in which the Coast of Asia, from the Lat. of 35' North to the Lat. of 52' North, the Island if Insu (commonly known under the name of the Land of Jesso), the North, South and East Coasts of Japan, the Lieuchieux and the adjacent isles, as well as the coast of Corea, have been examined and surveyed. Performed in His Majesty's Sloop Providence, and her Tender in the years 1795-98. London, 1804. (1967). 26 x 20 cm. 416 pp., with 9 maps & plates. Simile vellum. The author visited Nootka and sailed down the coast of California; in further explorations he solved what La Pérouse had first attempted, the puzzle of the Aleutians, Japan and Korea. see prices

BURNEY, James - BA, vols. 3-7 - A Chronological History of Voyages and Discoveries in the South Sea, or Pacific Ocean; (etc.). London, 1803-17. (1967). Five volumes. 26 x 20 cm. 2200 pp., with 45 maps & plates. Simile vellum. This important and comprehensive work brings the history of Pacific discovery down to 1764.' (Hocken, New Zealand Bibliography, pp. 30-4). see prices

BURNEY, James - BA, vol. 49 - A Chronological History of the North-Eastern Voyages of Discovery; and of the early Eastern Navigations of the Russians. London, 1819. (1969). 22.5 x 14 cm. 318 pp., with 2 fold. maps. Simile vellum. The work contains accounts of voyages by the English, Dutch, Danes and Russians, in search of the North-east passage to India and China, Kamchatka, and discoveries in the Polar Seas. The Russian accounts relate among many others to the Spangberg and Walton voyages to Japan, the voyages of Bering and Tscherikow, and those to the Aleutian Islands, the N.W. coast of America, etc. see prices

CALLANDER, John - BA, vols. 8-10 - Terra Australis Cognita; or Voyages to the Terra Australis or Southern Hemisphere, during the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries (etc.). Edinburgh, 1766-68. (1967). Three volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 1972 pp., with 3 maps. Simile vellum. A work of great importance and value on the early history of Australasia, including Terra del Fuego, Southern Patagonia, the Falkland Islands, etc. Some of the 41 accounts appear here for the first time in English. see prices

CAMPBELL, Archibald - BA, vol. 50 - A Voyage round the World from 1806 to 1812; in which Japan, Kamchatka, the Aleutian Islands, and the Sandwich Islands were visited (etc.). With an account of the present state of the Sandwich Islands, and a vocabulary of their language. Edinburgh, 1816. (1970). 22.5 x 14 cm. 288 pp., with a fold. map. Simile vellum. An account of Campbell's journey to China and Japan, among the Aleutian Islands and along the coast of Alaska. Of great value is his description of the Sandwich Islands, to which he added a vocabulary of the language. After a shipwreck Campbell got both feet frozen which made amputation necessary. A report of the surgeon who undertook the operation is added. see prices

CHEYNE, Andrew (not published) - BA, vol. 65 - A description of the Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, north and south of the Equator; with sailing directions. London, 1852. 22.5 x 14 cm. 208 pp. Simile vellum. The author visited the Loyalty Islands, New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Carolines, Cook Islands and many other islands in the course of trading voyages under his command. The account deals with the produce and the languages of the various islands. see prices

COLNETT, James - BA, vol. 36 - A Voyage to the South Atlantic and round Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean, for the purpose of extending the Spermaceti Whale Fisheries, and other objects of commerce, by ascertaining the ports, bays, harbours, and anchoring berths in certain islands and coasts in those seas at which the ships of the British merchants might be refitted. London, 1798. (1968). 26 x 20 cm. 206 pp., with 2 plates & 7 maps, all fold. Simile vellum. Colnett, Captain of the Rattler, visited the Galapagos Islands twice, and also explored the coasts of Chile and Peru. As he had accompanied Cook on his last voyage, Colnett frequently discusses his old commander in the course of his narrative. see prices

COOK, Captain James - BA, vol. 14 - A Journal of a Voyage round the World in H.M.S. Endeavour, in the years 1768-71. Containing all the various occurrences of the voyage with descriptions of several newly discovered countries in the Southern Hemisphere (etc.). To which is added a concise vocabulary of the language of Otaheite. London, 1771. (1967). 26 x 20 cm. 144 pp. Simile vellum. An extremely important anonymous work, surreptitiously published two months after the return of the Endeavour, and nearly two years before Hawkesworth's eagerly awaited account. The author remained unnamed, but was probably one of the civilians on board, who died in Batavia. (See also MARRA: BA, vol. 15 and RICKMAN: BA, vol. 16). see prices

(COOK, Capt.) William ELLIS - BA, vols. 55-56 - An authentic Narrative of a Voyage performed by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke, in H.M. Ships Resolution and Discovery during the years 1776-1780; in search of a North-West passage between the continents of Asia and America. Including a faithful account of all their discoveries, and the unfortunate Death of Captain Cook. London, 1782. (1970). Two volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 726 pp., with a fold. map & 13 plates. Simile vellum. One of the first published accounts of Captain Cook's third voyage during which he discovered the Sandwich Islands and acquired many data on Alaska and the N.W. coast of America. In defiance of the Admiralty's insistence that no private journal of this voyage be retained, Ellis was the only Englishman who had the temerity to admit authorship. The fine plates, drawn by the author, who was Assistant Surgeon, are among the earliest published on these areas. see prices

(COOK, Capt.) John MARRA - BA, vol. 15 - Journal of the Resolution's Voyage, in 1771-1775. On discovery to the Southern Hemisphere, by which the non-existence of an undiscovered continent, between the Equator and the 50th degree of Southern Latitude, is demonstratively proved. Also a journal of the Adventure's voyage in 1772-1774. London, 1775. (1967). 22.5 x 14 cm. 342 pp., with 1 fold. map & 3 plates. Simile vellum. The very rare account of Cook's Second Voyage, published surreptitiously and anonymously abut eighteen months before Cook's own account. It is extremely valuable, as many of the incidents related form an important addition to those of Cook's official account. see prices

(COOK, Capt.) John RICKMAN - BA, vol. 16 - Journal of Captain Cook's last Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, on Discovery; performed in the years 1776-1779, (etc.). Faithfully narrated from the original MS. London, 1781. (1967). 22.5 x 14 cm. 466 pp., a fold. map & plates. Simile vellum. This anonymous journal of Cook's Third Voyage anticipated the Government's authorised account by two years. see prices

(COOK, Capt.) Heinrich ZIMMERMANN - BA, vol. 73 - Heinrich Zimmermanns Reise um die Welt mit Capitain Cook. Mannheim, 1781. (1973). 22.5 x 14 cm. 112 pp. Simile vellum. With Rickman's account the earliest published journal of Cook's last voyage. One of the most interesting narratives of this voyage. see prices

COOKE, Edward - BA, vols. 51-52 - A Voyage to the South Sea, and round the World, perform'd in the years 1708-11. By the ships Duke and Dutchess of Bristol. Containing a Journal of all memorable Transactions (etc.). A description of the American coasts, from Tierra del Fuego to California. London, 1712. (1971). Two volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 808 pp., with 30 maps, plates & tables, many of which fold. Simile vellum. Edward Cooke was second captain on board the Dutchess, on a richly rewarding buccaneering expedition round the world. It is generally supposed that De Foe took his 'Robinson Crusoe' from the account here given of Alex. Selkirk. The second half of vol. 52 contains sailing directions for the American coasts. see prices

DALRYMPLE, Alexander - BA, vol. 11 - An Historical Collection of the several Voyages and Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean (etc.). London, 1770-71. (1967). Two volumes in one. 26 x 20 cm. 580 pp., with 16 plates & maps. Simile vellum. Relating entirely to the discoveries made in the area between South America and New Guinea, the narrative being literal translations from the Spanish and Dutch authors. see prices

DILLON, Peter - BA, vols. 53-54 - Narrative and successful result of a Voyage in the South Seas, to ascertain the actual fate of La Pérouse's Expedition. London, 1829. (1971). Two volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 820 pp., with 1 fold. map & 2 fold. plates, of which one in colour. Simile vellum. The result of this voyage was the solving of the mysterious loss of La Pérouse and his expedition. After having found articles which once belonged to La Pérouse, Dillon was appointed by the Bengal Government to the survey vessel Research for further investigation. He found the wreck of one of La Pérouse's ships and brought the news back to Dumont d'Urville, who was then staying at Hobart Town. see prices

DIXON, George - BA, vol. 37 - A Voyage round the World; But more particularly to the North-west coast of America London, 1789. (1968). 26 x 20 cm. 440 pp., with 21 plates & maps. Simile vellum. Captain Dixon is remembered for his voyage round the world in the Queen Charlotte, during which particular attention was paid to the N.W. coast of America where Dixon discovered and named the Queen Charlotte Islands. The work is dedicated to Sir Joseph Banks. see prices

FLEURIEU, Charles Pierre - BA, vols. 23-24 - A Voyage round the World, performed during the years 1790-92 by Etienne Marchand. London, 1801. (1969). Two volumes. 26 x 20 cm. 1122 pp., with 9 plates & maps. Simile vellum. This French circumnavigation ... was preceded only by Bougainville's. It added considerably to the scanty knowledge of N.W. America and included a scholarly survey of earlier maritime explorers.' (Wright Howes, US-iana.) At the end of the account is appended an important nautical, hydrographical, and astronomical treatise, together with accounts of the fishes, shells, birds, and plants, etc. observed during the voyage. see prices

FUNNELL, William - BA, vol. 57 - A Voyage round the World. Containing an Account of Captain Dampier's Expedition into the South-Seas in the Ship St. George, in the Years 1703 and 1704. Together with the Author's voyage from Amapalla on the West-Coast of Mexico, to East-India. London, 1707. (1971). 22.5 x 14 cm. 344 pp., with 5 maps & 9 plates. Simile vellum. Funnell published the first account of Dampier's expedition round the world. His narrative contains much that was disapproved of by Dampier. see prices

GILBERT, Thomas - BA, vol. 44 - Voyages from New South Wales to Canton, in the Year 1788. With views of the islands discovered. London, 1789. (1968). 26 x 20 cm. 102 pp., with 4 plates. Simile vellum. A notable voyage during which the Gilbert Islands were discovered and explored. see prices

HAMILTON, George (not published) - BA, vol. 66 - A Voyage round the world, in His Majesty's Frigate Pandorra, Performed under the Direction of Captain Edwards in the years 1790-92. With the discoveries made in the South Sea. Berwick, 1793. 22.5 x 14 cm. 164 pp., with a portrait. Simile vellum. Captain Edwards, sent out in search of the mutineers of the Bounty, found and arrested them. Some discoveries were made on this voyage, among which Ducie Islands, Lord Hoods Islands and Tureia. Hamilton was the Pandorra's surgeon. see prices

HEARNE, Samuel - BA, vol. 25 - A Journey from Prince of Wale's Fort in Hudson's Bay, to the Northern Ocean. London, 1795. (1968). 26 x 20 cm. 504 pp., with 9 plates & maps (all fold.). Simile vellum. This account of a difficult and perilous expedition - partly over land - is filled with topographical descriptions and information on the Indians of the area. Moreover, the whole last chapter is devoted to a detailed examination of the local flora and fauna. see prices

HOWAY, Frederick W., (ed.) - BA, Extra Series II - The Dixon-Meares Controversy. Toronto, 1929. (1969). 24 x 16.5 cm. 168 pp., with 8 maps & plates. Simile vellum. Both Dixon and Meares commanded trading vessels in the early days of maritime fur trade; both arrived for the first time on the N.W. coast of America in the summer of 1786, and both made numerous discoveries during their expeditions in that area. In 1790, Meares published his triumphant 'Voyages,' in which he recalled his involvement in the 'Nootka Sound Controversy' and boasted of his exploratory ventures in North America. Dixon contended that this account was largely false and that Meares had claimed credit which rightly belonged to others. Howay's synthesis of this bitter controversy includes Dixon's 'Remarks on the Voyages of John Meares,' Meares' refutation of these charges, and Dixon's 'Further Remarks on the Voyages of John Meares. see prices

HOWAY, Frederick W., (ed.) - BA, Extra Series I - Voyages of the Columbia to the Northwest Coast 1787-1790 and 1790-1793. Boston, 1941. (1969). 24 x 16.5 cm. 518 pp., with illustrations including portraits & maps. Simile vellum. Captains Kendrick and Gray were commissioned by a group of wealthy East Coast merchants to lead the first American maritime expedition engaged in fur trading between the N.W. Coast and China. In 1787 their ships, the Washington and the Columbia, sailed from Boston. The venture promised commercial success until Captain Kendrick reneged on his contract, sold the Washington and pocketed the money. The Columbia, under Gray's command, returned to Boston in 1790, becoming the first vessel to carry the Stars and Stripes around the world. During the second voyage of the Columbia, begun in May 1791, Captain Gray discovered and named the Columbia River. Howay's book is a compilation of essential primary sources dealing with these two voyages, including 4 journals, let ters between the captains and their backers, and the remnant of the official log of the Columbia (May 7-21, 1792), which covers the discovery of the Columbia River. see prices

KOTZEBUE, Otto von - BA, vols. 17-19 - A Voyage of Discovery, into the South Sea and Beering's Straits, for the purpose of exploring a North-East Passage. London, 1821. (1967). Three volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 1258 pp., with 16 maps & plates, 8 of which in colour. Simile vellum. First and best edition in English of the account of an important Russian circumnavigation. In addition to its Arctic interest it also relates to the discovery of various South Sea Islands, Hawaii, California, and the N.W. Coast of America. The geological and biological observations are interesting too. see prices

KOTZEBUE, Otto von - BA, vols. 20-21 - A new Voyage round the World in the years 1823-1826. With an introduction by A.J. von Krusenstern. London, 1830. (1967). Two volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 720 pp., with 6 plates & maps. Simile vellum. This account describes the second voyage, from Russia to Brazil, Chile, Tahiti, Pitcairn, etc., to Kamschatka, and returning via New Archangel, California, Hawaii, Marianas, Philippines and St. Helena. In addition a review of the zoological collection of specimens encountered during the voyage. see prices

KRUSENSTERN, A.J. von - BA, vols. 38-39 - Voyage round the world in the years 1803, 1804, 1805 & 1806. London, 1813. (1968). Two volumes. 26 X 20 cm. 768 pp., 3 plates & maps, 2 in colour. Simile vellum. An important work, being the official account of the first Russian expedition round the world, under Krusenstern and Lisianski, during which many important discoveries and rectifications were made, especially in the region of Japan. see prices

KRUSENSTERN, A.J. von - BA, vol. 76 - Atlas to Captain Krusenstern's voyage round the world. (Russian text). St. Petersburg, 1813. (1974). 64.5 x 47 cm. 104 engraved plates, 37 of which in colour; 8 maps & 4 views on double pages. Sturdy cloth portfolio. The Atlas accompanies the account of the first Russian circumnavigation of the world under the command of Krusenstern, together with Captain J.F. Lisianski, on the vessels Nadezhda and Neva. This atlas is of importance for the charting of the North Pacific, including the Aleutian Islands and particularly the area around Japan. Moreover, this Atlas also contains a large number of representations of objects in the field of natural history common to this whole area. The original Atlas, of the utmost rarity, engraved and printed at the Printing Office of the Imperial Navy in St. Petersburg in 1813, was published in both Russian and German. The copy used for this facsimile is from the TENRI Library at Narra, Japan. see prices

LABILLARDIERE, Jacques-Julien H. de - BA, vol. 67 - An account of a Voyage in search of La Pérouse, undertaken by order of the Constituent Assembly of France, and performed in the years 1791-1793, in the Recherche and Espérance, Ships of War, under the command of Rear-Admiral Bruni d'Entrecasteaux. London, 1800. (1971). 26 x 20 cm. 560 pp., with fold. map & 45 plates. Simile vellum. Though not succeeding to bring home any news of the ill-fated La Pérouse expedition, the voyage was of considerable importance. Labillardire gives the first scientific description of the New Zealand flax. He describes the visits paid by the expedition to Tasmania, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, New Guinea, Amboyna, Tonga, New Zealand, etc. Includes botanical and zoological descriptions. see prices

LANGSDORFF, G.H. von - BA, vols. 40-41 - Voyages and Travels in various parts of the World, during the years 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806 and 1807. London, 1813-14. (1968). Two volumes. 26 x 20 cm. 800 pp., with 42 maps & plates. Simile vellum. Langsdorff accompanied Krusenstern on the first Russian expedition around the world. At Kamschatka he parted company with the main expedition and visited the Russian parts of the N.W. coast. He further explored the Aleutians, and paid a lengthy visit to California; the major part of the second volume concerns his stay at San Francisco. see prices

LISIANSKY, Urey - BA, vol. 42 - A Voyage round the World in the years 1803, 1804, 1805 & 1806. London, 1814. (1968). 26 x 20 cm. 412 pp., with 14 plates & maps, of which 10 in colour. Simile vellum. Highly important work on Sitka, Kodiak and other parts of the N.W. coast. The author, commanding the Neva, accompanied the great Russian expedition under Krusenstern. see prices

LÜTKE, Fyodor P. - BA, vols. 58-61 - Voyage Autour du Monde, exécuté par ordre de Sa Majesté Nicolas Ier, sur la Corvette La Séniavine dans les années 1826-1829. Paris, 1835-36. (1971). Three volumes of text (volumes I & II ed. by F. Boyé, volume III by A. Postels). 22.5 X 14 cm. 1206 pp., with 6 maps & 2 plates, of which some fold; and a folio atlas, 38 pp., with 5 maps & 51 plates, some fold. Simile vellum. Lütke's expedition left Cronstadt in 1826, sailing by Rio de Janeiro, Cape Horn and Valparaiso. They reached Sitka, Alaska, in June 1827, staying there for over a month. Then the expedition sailed to the north, stopped at Unalaska in the Aleutian Islands and got as far north as St. Matthew's Islands in Behring Sea. Wintering in the Caroline Islands in 1828, the eastern coastline of Russia bordering on Behring Sea, as far north as Behring Strait, was explored. The plates, drawn by Kittlitz and engraved by Engelmann, are the mos t beautiful portrayals of scenery and people ever made of the visited regions. see prices

MEARES, John - BA, vol. 22 - Voyages made in the years 1788 and 1789, from China to the North-West Coast of America. To which are prefixed, an introductory Narrative of a voyage performed in 1786, from Bengal, in the Ship Nootka; Observations on the probable existence of a North-West passage; and some account of the trade between the North-West Coast of America and China; and the latter country and Great Britain. London, 1790. (1967). 26 x 20 cm. 596 pp., 1 portrait, 27 maps & plates. Simile vellum. The claim of Great Britain to Oregon was based on this publication. Much relates to the Hawaiian Islands. see prices

MORTIMER, George - BA, vol. 68 - Observations and Remarks made during a Voyage to the Islands of Teneriffe, Amsterdam, Maria's Island near van Diemen's Land; Otaheite, Sandwich Islands; Owyhee, the Fox Islands on the North-West Coast of America, Tiniam, and from thence to Canton. In the Brig Mercury, commanded by John Henry Cox. London, 1791. (1975). 26 x 20 cm. 96 pp., including 3 plates. Simile vellum. From Maria's Island, Tasmania, Captain Cox sailed into the Pacific and one of the most interesting points about the book is the early account of the famous mutiny on H.M.S. Bounty. The voyage was partly undertaken for fur trade between the N.W. coast of America and China. see prices

MÜLLER, S. - BA, vol. 26 - Voyages from Asia to America, for completing the discoveries of the North West Coast of America, etc. London, 1761. (1967). 26 x 20 cm. 128 pp., with 4 maps, 2 of which fold. Simile vellum. Most important contemporary account of Bering's discoveries, by a scientist attached to his second expedition.' (Wright Howes, U.S.iana.) Includes a summary of the voyages made by the Russians on the frozen sea, in search of a North East passage. see prices

NARBOROUGH, John - BA, vol. 62 - An account of several Late Voyages and Discoveries to the South and North. Towards the Streights of Magellan, The South Seas, the vast Tracts of Land beyond Hollandia Nova. Edited by Tancred Robinson. Dedicated to Samuel Pepys. London, 1694. (1970). 22.5 x 14 cm. 442 pp., with 19 plates, many with botanical and zoological representations; 2 fold. maps & table. Simile vellum. This volume contains one of the earliest accounts in English of Tasman's voyage in 1642, during which New Zealand and Tasmania were discovered. Its other interest lies in the description of the passage through the Strait of Magellan which was used by later navigators, a.o. Bulkeley and Cummins with the Wager survivors. see prices

PÉRON, François - BA, vols. 69-70 - Mèmoires du Capitaine Péron, sur ses Voyages aux Côtes d'Afrique, en Arabie, à l'île d'Amsterdam, aux îles d'Anjouan et de Mayotte, aux Côtes Nord-Ouest de l'Amèrique, aux îles Sandwich, à la Chine, (etc.). Paris, 1824. (1971). Two volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 704 pp., with 6 maps & plates. Simile vellum. Péron was a fur carrier from the N.W. coast of America to China. He gives particulars concerning parts of British Columbia, Queen Charlotte and Vancouver islands and the Indians there. He also describes California, where he sailed on the Otter, the first American ship to visit California, Hawaii and the Sandwich Islands. His visit to Australia fills up 31 pp. A contemporary English translation of this work does not exist. see prices

PÉROUSE, Jean de la - BA, vols. 27-29 - A Voyage round the World, performed in the years 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788, by the Boussole and Astrolabe. London, 1799. (1968). Two volumes text (26 x 20 cm.) and folio atlas. 1156 pp., 71 plates & 7 maps. Simile vellum. This major expedition stands amongst the most important of the 18th and 19th centuries. Describes first visit of a foreigner to missionary establishments in Upper California. see prices

PORTLOCK, Nathaniel - BA, vol. 43 - A Voyage round the world; but more particularly to the North-West Coasts of America. London, 1789. (1969). 26 x 20 cm. 436 pp., with portrait, 20 plates & maps. Simile vellum. Portlock was captain of the King George, which, accompanied by the Queen Charlotte under Dixon, successfully completed this major journey of exploration. Portlock's account of the venture enhances and broadens the perspective provided by Dixon's narrative. see prices

ROGERS, Woodes - BA, vol. 63 - A cruising Voyage round the World; First to the South Seas, thence to the East Indies, and homeward by the Cape of Good Hope. Begun in 1708, and finished in 1711. London, 1712. (1970). 22.5 x 14 cm. 520 pp., with 5 fold. maps. Simile vellum. A buccaneering classic. Capt. Woodes Rogers' expedition, consisting of the Ships Duke and Duchess of Bristol, set sail on August 2, 1708. Sailing around Cape Horn California was visited, whence the expedition crossed the Pacific to Asia. The general assumption is that Defoe used Rogers' account of Alexander Selkirk's four-year stay on the Island of Juan Fernandez for his 'Robinson Crusoe. see prices

SARYTSCHEW, Gawrila - BA, vol. 64 - Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the North-East of Siberia, the Frozen Ocean, and the North-East Sea. London, 1806-1807. (1970). Two volumes in one. 22.5 x 14 cm. 152 pp., with 3 fold. & 2 coloured plates. Simile vellum. Sarytschew's account of the Billing expedition for the Russian Government of 1785. Sarytschew was the surveyor on this expedition, during which Alaska and the Aleutians were carefully charted for the first time. see prices

SHELVOCKE, George - BA, vol. 71 - A Voyage round the World by the way of the Great South Sea, perform'd in the years 1719-1722 in the Speedwell of London. London, 1726. (1971). 22.5 x 14 cm. 512 pp., with fold. map & 4 plates. Simile vellum. Sailing in 1719 with an expedition to prey on Spanish ships, Shelvocke gave his superior officer the slip and proceeded on his own account. On this voyage occurred the incident of the albatross which Coleridge used in his 'Ancient Mariner.' After sailing along the coast of South America, he sailed up to California, where he noticed that the soil might contain gold. Then he crossed over to China from where he returned to England. Arrested on two charges of piracy, he was acquitted and shortly after went to the European continent - a wealthy man. see prices

THOMAS, Pascoe - BA, vol. 72 - A True and Impartial Journal of a Voyage to the South-Seas, and round the Globe in H.M. Ship the Centurion, under the Command of George Anson. London, 1745. (1971). 22.5 x 14 cm. 404 pp. Simile vellum. All the material incidents of this voyage, from its commencement in the year 1740 to its conclusion in 1744, are fully and faithfully related, having been committed to paper at the time they happened. Anson's official journal was published in 1748. see prices

VANCOUVER, George - BA, vols. 30-33 - A Voyage of discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and round the World. London, 1798. (1967). Three volumes and an atlas. 1510 pp., 37 plates & maps. Simile vellum. This work ranks with the Voyages of Cook and La Pérouse ... (It) is of the greatest importance for the early history of California, Vancouver Island, the coast of British Columbia and northwards, as well as for the Sandwich Islands. (F.B. Maggs, Voyages and Travels in all parts of the World.) Out of Stock

WAKEFIELD, Edward J. - BA, vols. 74-75 - Adventure in New Zealand from 1839 to 1844; with some account of the beginnings of the British colonization of the Islands. London, 1845. (1971). Two volumes. 22.5 x 14 cm. 1048 pp., with 1 large fold. map. Simile vellum. Wakefield went to New Zealand with the first settlers in the Tory in 1839 and remained there until 1844, keeping his diary about the proceedings of the settlers. One of the most important works on the early settlement of New Zealand. see prices

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BEST, George V. - AP, vol. 15 - The three voyages of Martin Frobisher. In search of a passage to Cathay and India by the North-West, A.D. 1576-8. From the original 1578 text of George Best. Together with numerous other versions, additions etc. Now edited, with Preface, Introduction, Notes, Appendices and Bibliography by Vilhjalmur Stefansson. With the collaboration of Eloise McCaskill. London, 1938. (1971). Two volumes bound in one. 25.5 x 20 cm. 598 pp.; portrait; 19 maps & views, some fold. Simile vellum. Frobisher, the rediscoverer of Greenland and reviver of sailings to north-eastern America. The New World was discovered by whoever discovered Iceland. see prices

(CABOT) - James A. Williamson (ed.) - AP, vol. 7 - The Voyages of the Cabots and the English Discovery of North America under Henry VII and Henry VIII. London, 1929. 26 x 20 cm. 304 pp., with 13 maps. Simile vellum. Many fundamental transactions of human history are obscure, but few are so imperfectly recorded as the discovery of the shores and islands of the Atlantic Ocean by European navigators. The present volume differs in form from the others of the series. There is no major narrative of the English discovery of North America comparable to Drake's 'World Encompassed' or Raleigh's 'Guiana.' The story lies in a heterogenous collection of short pieces, administrative documents, contemporary letters and extracts from histories and commentaries written in the XVIth century. see prices

CARON, François & Joost SCHOUTEN - AP, vol. 14 - A true Description of the Mighty Kingdoms of Japan and Siam. Reprinted from the English edition of 1663; with Introduction, Notes and Appendices by C.R. Boxer. London, 1935. (1971). 25.5 x 20 cm. 328 pp., with a portrait and 19 maps (of which 2 fold.) & plates. Full simile leather. This work has a double object in view. In the first place it purports to give a critical review of one of the best sources for the history of 17th-century Japan and Siam, to wit, the descriptions of those countries compiled by François Caron and Justus Schouten in 1636, and translated into English by Captain Roger Manley 27 years later. The secondary aim of this work is to help readers to obtain some notion of the predominant part played at the time by the Dutch East India Company in the Far East, as exemplified in the career of one of its most remarkable servants, François Caron. For this edition the old English edition of 1663 has been used with scrupulous fidelity, and carefully annotated. see prices

CHARDIN, Sir John - AP, vol. 3 - Travels in Persia. With an Introduction by Sir Percy Sykes. London, 1927. (1971). 25.5 x 20 cm. 320 pp., with 9 maps & plates. Simile vellum. The travels of Sir John Chardin in the second half of the seventeenth century mark the culmination of a remarkable period during which Persia, under the rule of the Safavi dynasty, attracted to her court Europeans of distinction. Chardin not only traveled far and wide and studied Persia and its people profoundly, but realised a handsome fortune from his dealings in jewelry. When he decided to return home in 1677, he widened his experiences by following the route via the Cape of Good Hope. see prices

COLUMBUS, Christopher - AP, vol. 9 - The voyages of Christopher Columbus, being the journals of his first and third, and the letters concerning his first and last voyages, to which is added the account of his second voyage written by Andres Bernaldez. Now newly translated and edited, with an introduction and notes by Cecil Jane. London, 1930. (1970). 25.5 x 20 cm. 348 pp. & 5 maps. Simile vellum. The introduction gives the scope and an evaluation of the historical sources of the person and the activities of Christopher Columbus. see prices

DAMPIER, William - AP, vol. 2 - A new Voyage round the World. With an Introduction by Albert Gray. London, 1927. (1970). 25.5 x 20 cm. 416 pp., with a portrait, 3 maps (fold.) and illustrations, also in the text. Simile vellum. Dampier's 'New Voyage' on its first publication in 1697 won immediate success, and has ever since maintained its place in the front rank among the most notable records of maritime adventure. The work is an extensive contribution to the geographical and ethnographical knowledge of its time. The work influenced Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels. see prices

DAMPIER, William - AP, vol. 11 - Voyages and Discoveries. With an introduction and notes by Clennell Wilkinson. London, 1931. (1971). 25.5 x 20 cm. 348 pp., with 4 fold. maps. Simile vellum. The present volume contains an introduction and notes of the 1729 collected edition of 'Dampier's Voyages.' It is valuable alike to the student of exploration, navigation and comparative anthropology. The 'Discourse of Winds' has been entrusted to A.C. Bell, late of the Hydrographic Survey. see prices

DRAKE, Sir Francis - AP, vol. 1 - The World Encompassed and analogous contemporary documents concerning Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the world with an appreciation of the achievement by Sir Richard Carnac Temple. London, 1926. (1971). 25.5 x 20 cm. 300 pp., 1 fold. map. Simile vellum. The contents of this volume are in themselves such excellent reading that it seemed advisable to print them as they stand without annotation, trusting that readers will find all the information they want in Sir Richard Temple's preliminary essay. see prices

GUARMANI, Carlo - AP, vol. 16 - Northern Najd. A journey from Jerusalem to Anaiza in Quasim. Translated from the Italian by Lady Capel-Cure. With introduction and notes by Douglas Carruthers. London, 1938. (1971). 25.5 x 20 cm. 180 pp., illustrations & 2 maps, one of which fold. Simile vellum. Guarmani was one of the earliest European travelers to visit Central Arabia. The translation is made from the original Italian text of 1866. Guarmani went, commissioned to buy Arab stallions for the French Government and for the King of Italy, to Najd. He had a wider vision than the average horse-coper, and he records an interesting tale of conditions in the Desert Peninsula at a moment when the rival dynasties - Rashidan and Saudian - were contending for supremacy. The book is a revised edition of that originally published by the Arab Bureau Cairo - for official use only - in 1917, and considering the comparative rarity of this edition as also of the original Jerusalem text, the present rei ssue by the Argonaut Press should be of interest to all, especially to those familiar with Arabia and its people. see prices

HAMILTON, Alexander - AP, vol. 8 - A new account of the East Indies. Now edited with introduction and notes by Sir William Foster. London, 1930. (1970). Two volumes in one. 25.5 x 20 cm. 528 pp., with 10 fold. maps & 12 plates. Simile vellum. The importunes of Hamilton's account of his experiences in the East (1688-1723) is shown by the fact that one can scarcely find a modern work dealing with the history of the geography of Asia for that period which does not contain references to his book. As regards the present issue, the text adopted is that of the first edition (1727), and the only alterations are those in the case of obvious misprints, such as transposed letters. All the original illustrations have been reproduced, though in some cases on a reduced scale. Notes have been put at the end of each volume. see prices

HAWKINS, Sir Richard - AP, vol. 13 - The observations of Sir Richard Hawkins. Edited from the text of 1622, with introduction, notes and appendices by James A. Williamson. London, 1933. (1970). 25.5 x 20 cm. 282 pp., 3 maps (2 fold.). Simile vellum. This is Hawkins' narrative of his voyage to Florida, the West Indies, and through the Straits to Chile in 1593 and 1594. He plundered Valparaiso, but was taken by the Spaniards at San Mateo. After his release in 1602 he wrote his memoirs as a treatise on the conduct of plundering expeditions to Spanish America. In addition to its historical importance the work gives one of the best pictures of Elizabethan sea life. It has a considerable influence upon modern literature, particularly since it became accessible by its republication. The present edition is made from the 1622 edition. It therefore includes the errors occurring in the primary edition, but these, where recognised, are commented upon in the footnotes or in the introduction. see prices

POLO, Marco - AP, vol. 6 - The most noble and famous travels of Marco Polo, together with the travels of Nicolò de'Conti. Edited from the Elizabethan translation of John Frampton with introduction, notes and appendices by N.M. Penzer. London, 1929. (1971). 26 x 20 cm. 444 pp., with 12 maps & plates, 1 fold. Simile vellum. The existence of an Elizabethan translation of the Travels of Marco Polo will probably come as a surprise to the majority of readers. The present edition aims at supplying a long-felt want in Polian research--a series of maps embodying the latest work and discoveries of explorers and cartographers. The editor has been able to construct 11 entirely new maps. He has provided the work with extensive notes to considerations of Frampton's text, and to any fresh light that has been shed on the vexed question of Polo's itineraries. The work has an exhaustive index. John Frampton's translation from the Castilian of Santaella originates from a ms belonging to the Ven etian recension which is one of the most important of all the Polian recensions. see prices

(RALEIGH, Sir Walter) - V.T. Harlow, ed. - AP, vol. 12 - Ralegh's last voyage. Being an account drawn from contemporary letters and narratives, both Spanish and English, of which the greater part is now made public for the first time, concerning the voyage of Sir Walter Ralegh, knight, to Guiana in the year 1617 and the fatal consequences of the same. London, 1932. (1971). 25.5 x 20 cm. 380 pp., with a portrait & 2 fold. maps. Simile vellum. The circumstances of Ralegh's final enterprise have been the subject of heated controversy ever since he himself produced his 'Apologie' and James I responded with the Declaration. The justification of the present volume lies in the fact that it brings together for the first time all the important letters and official documents of English origin relating to the episode, a number of which were not known to previous writers, and at the same time presents entirely new evidence drawn from contemporary Spanish sources. (See also RALEIGH: AP, vol. 5. ) see prices

RALEGH, Sir Walter - AP, vol. 5 - The discoverie of the large and bewtiful Empire of Guiana. Edited from the original text, with Introduction, Notes and Appendixes of hitherto unpublished documents by V.T. Harlow. London, 1928. (1971). 26 x 20 cm. 288 pp., a portrait & 2 fold. maps. Simile vellum. Sir Walter Raleigh has suffered alternately from such extravagant adulation on the one hand and from such unjustified abuse on the other, that one turns with some eagerness to a study which is based throughout on original research ... Not everyone will agree with the view expressed in the introduction with regard to the inner meaning of Raleigh's fatal adventure in 1617; but it will be hard to deny Mr. Harlow's main contention that the Guiana project, taken as a whole, was essentially one of territorial expansion. Its importance, therefore, was ultimately as great as Raleigh's enterprise in Virginia. (See also HARLOW: AP, vol. 12.) see prices

A SPANISH VOYAGE - AP, vol. 10 - to Vancouver and the North-West Coast of America being the narrative of the voyage made in the year 1792 by the Schooners Sutil and Mexicana to explore the Strait of Fuca. Translated from the Spanish and with an introduction by Cecil Jane. London, 1930. (1970). 26 x 20 cm. 156 pp., with 7 plates & maps, of which 2 fold. Simile vellum. The account of the expedition of the schooners Sutil and Mexicana to the N.W. Coast of America was originally printed in 1802 by Martín Fernández de Navarrete. The narrative is anonymous, but internal evidence suffices to prove that it was written by one of the officers attached to the expedition, on the Sutil. There is some reason for the assumption that this unknown officer was probably the cartographer on this vessel. Narratives of voyages to discover a N.W. passage from the Atlantic side are familiar to all, but the efforts of the Spaniards to find such a passage from the Pacific are much less known. see prices

VARTHEMA, Ludovico di - AP, vol. 4 - The Itinerary of Ludovico di Varthema of Bologna from 1502 to 1508. As translated from the original Italian edition of 1510 by John Winter Jones, in 1863 for the Hakluyt Soc. With a discourse on Varthema and his travels in Southern Asia by Sir Richard C. Temple. London, 1928. (1970). 26 x 20 cm. 206 pp., 5 maps & 2 illustrations. Simile vellum. Sir Richard Temple adopts the translation of John Winter Jones from the original 1510 edition. For the notes he used the remarkable ones of G.P. Badger, but has subsequently gone his own way in commenting on Varthema's story. Even where passing over ground traversed by earlier European explorers, his keen intelligence frequently adds valuable original notes on peoples, manners, customs, laws, religions, products, trade, methods of war, etc. Ludovico de Varthema is a real discoverer for the Arabias and the Indian Archipelago. Sir Richard Temple has used for this edition, besides the works of Jones and Badg er, those of Richard Eden, Ch. Schefer and A. Bacchi. see prices

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BARENTSZ, Willem - A.T.1 - Caertboeck Amsterdam, 1595. (1970). 43 X 30 cm., XXII, 134 pp., including illustrated title page, coastal profiles and 10 charts. A rutter for the Mediterranean, with Dutch text, compiled by the famous Artic explorer, and derived from an Italian original. It is the first rutter for the Mediterranean with printed charts, which were engraved by Pieter van der Keere and Jodocus Hondius. This sea atlas may be considered the logical sequel to the two parts (Eastern and Western Navigation) of Lucas Jansz. see prices

BERLINGHIERI, Francesco - A.T.2 - Geograhia Florence, 1482. (1966). 45.5 X 30 cm. XIV, 372 pp., including 31 maps. Covers Europe, northern Africa and the sound part of Asia. The first atlas to attempt the introduction of modern geography: four new maps - France, Italy, Spain and Palestine - being based on contemporary knowledge. The text by Berlingheiri is a metrical papphrase of Ptolemy, and it is the first atlas in the Italian language. It is also the only edition with maps printed on the original Ptolemaeic projection with equidistant parallels. see prices

BORDONE, Benedetto - A.T.3 - Libro... de tutte l'Isole del Mondo Venice, 1528. (1966). 32 X 22 cm., XII, 166 pp., including 110 charts. Covers Europe, western Africa, northern South America and the Caribbean First edition of Bordone's famous 'Book of Islands', probably completed in manuscript as early as 1521. Of the maps, 9 relate to America, including the famous view of 'Temistitan' (Mexico) before its destruction by Cortex. see prices

BOUGUEREAU, Maurice - A.T.4 - Le théatre François Tours, 1594. (1966). 44.5 X 29 cm., XVI, 90 pp. including title page, engraved frontispiece and 16 maps. This rare volume constitutes the first national atlas of France. The maps are by Gabriel Tavernier and others. Only seven copies of this atlas are known. see prices

CORONELLI, Vincenzo - A.T.5 - Libro dei Globi Venice, 1693 (1701). (1969). 50 X 34.5 cm., XXII, 296pp., including engraved frontispiece, decorated title page, 132 engravings of globe gores and a portrait of Coronelli Between 1691 and 1697 the celbrated Italian globemaker Father Vincenzo Coronelli collected into a volume, the gores and other related engravings of his terrestial and celestial globes. see prices

KEERE, Pieter van den (Petrus Kaerius) - A.T.6 - Germania Inferior Amsterdam, 1617. (1966). 45.5 X 30 cm., XVIII, 154 pp., including engraved title page and 25 maps. Pieter van den Keere (born 1571) worked in London and in the publishing firm of his brother-in-law J. Hondius before he opened his own establishment. see prices

LAZIUS, Wolfgang - A.T.7 - Austria Vienna, 1561. (1972). 42.5 X 30 cm., XXVIII, 198 pp., including an ornamental title page and 12 maps. Wolfgang Lazius (Latz) (1514-1565) was the most important Austrian cartographer in the 16th century. The work here is reproduced in facsimile constitutes the first printed Atlas of Austria. see prices

MAGINI, Giovanni - A.T.8 - Italia Bononiae, 1620. (1974). Folio., 24 pp. text, 61 maps on 119 leaves. Magini (1555-1617) first interested himself in the works of Ptolemy, and edited the Italian edition of the 'Geographia' (1596). He did not live to see the publication of his work, which was published by his son at his own expense. see prices

MERCATOR - HONDIUS - JANSSONIUS - A.T.9 - Atlas for A Geographicke Description Amsterdam, 1636. (1968). 46.5 X 31 cm., 2 vols., XXVII, 408, 496 pp., including illustrated title pages, portraits and 195 maps. The only edition of the Mercator - Hondius altas with English text. Published by Henricus Hondius and Joannes Janssonius, it was their response to an edition of the maps on Hondius' 'Atlas minor' brought out by a London bookseller in 1635 with a different English text. see prices

OGILBY, John - A.T.10 - Britannia London, 1675. (1970). 40 X 27 cm., XIV, 248 pp., including a map of England and Wales and 100 road maps. 'Britannia' embodied the first original survey of the main roads of England and Wales. This work exerted considerable influence on the development of British cartography. see prices

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius - A.T.11 - Cosmographia Rome, 1478. (1966). 44.5 X 30 cm., XIV, 248 pp. including 27 maps. The original edition is important in regard to the accuracy of the maps which are finely engraved after the Greek manuscript of Ptolemy, preserved at Vienna; it is also the only book known with the address of Arnold Buckinck. see prices

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius - A.T.12 - Cosmographia Venice, 1511. (1969). 43 X 30 cm., Xii, 184 pp., including 28 maps. This is the earliest edition of Ptolemy's 'Geographica' in which the text and maps were revised throughout in the light of modern knowledge; and it is the second edition to include a modern world map. This edition of 'Geographia', the first to be printed in Venice, is of particular intrest in history of map printing. see prices

QUAD, Matthias - A.T.13 - Geographisch Handtbuch Cologne, 1600. (1969). 28 X 20 cm., XXXX, 332 pp. including 82 maps. The first german edition, which is now thought to have been produced prior to the Latin edition. Quad's atlas is the first world atlas produced by a German author. see prices

ROGGEVEEN - GOOS - A.T.14 - The Burning Fen I Amsterdam, 1675. (1971). 46 X 30 cm., XVI, 202 pp., including coastal profiles and 34 charts. The first printed West Indian Pilot, published as a sequel to the three part of Goos' well known 'Sea Mirrour'. It was the prototype of the pilot guides for Americ produced by Johannes van Keulen (1683) and by John Thornton (1689). see prices

ROGGEVEEN - GOOS - A.T.15 - The Burning Fen II Amsterdam, 1687. (1971). 46 X 30 cm., XII, 112 pp., including coastal profiles and 18 charts A pilot for the West African and Brazilian Coasts, originally designed by Arent Roggeveen prior to 1675 but apparently not printed before 1685. see prices

SANUTO, Livio - A.T.16 - Geografia... dell' Africa Venice, 1588. (1965). 34.5 X 32 cm., X, 388 pp., including 12 maps. One of the most important publications upon Africa issued in the XVIth century. It contains a beautifully engraved title and maps of surpassing accuracy, partly drawn on a special modification of the Donis projection. see prices

(SELLER, John) - A.T.17 - The English Pilot, The fourth book...from the River Amazons to New-found-land... London, 1689. (1967). 51 X 30 cm., XX, 146 pp., including 20 charts. In 'The English Pilot' the London chart and instrument maker John Seller planned a sea atlas to compete with the Dutch publishers who then dominated the market. 'The Fourth Book', the rights to which were transferred by Seller to William Fisher, was published in 1689 width charts by John Thornton, hydrographer to the East India Company. Thirty-seven editions up to the year 1794 have been identified. This is the earliest sea altas of English origin 'to deal exclusively with American waters'. Only two copies of the first edition are known. see prices

SELLER & PRICE - A.T.18 - The English Pilot, V London, 1701. (1973). Folio., 211., 42 pp., text and 21 double page charts. The first issue of Seller's charts of West Africa. At least 8 editions were published, the last as late as 1780. see prices

THORNTON, John - A.T.19 - The English Pilot, The third book London, 1703., (1970). 46 X 30 cm., XVI, 225 pp., including 35 charts. About 1675 John Seller began, but never finished the printing of 'The Third Book', dealing with the 'Oriental Navigation'. The rights in it were aquired by John Thornton (d. 1707), hydrographer to the East India Company, who enlarged and completed it providing sailing directions compiled from journals of the Company's pilots and captains, and charts prepared from Dutch and English originals. see prices

WAGHENAER, Lucas Jansz. - A.T.20 - Thresoor der Zeevaert Leyden, 1592. (1965). 26 X 31 cm., XVI, 358 pp., including 22 folding charts. A basic hydrographical work for the seaman, completely different from Waghenaer's 'Spieghel der Zeevaert'. It contains a seperate chapter on navigation in the Mediterranean and an abbreviated accout of Drake's discoveries. All editions are of known rarity. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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HARRISSE, Henry - N.I. 1 - The discovery of North America. A critical documentary and historical investigation. Amsterdam, 1969. 18 x 24 cm. 818 pp., 23 mostly folding maps & charts. Bound in cloth. Chronicles over one hundred voyages projected, attempted or accomplished, between 1431 and 1504. There are also short biographies of pilots and cartographers, 1492-1550. see prices

HARRISSE, Henry - N.I. 2 - Découvert et évolution cartographique de Terre-Neuve et des pays circonvoisins 1497-1501-1769. Amsterdam, 1968. (Nico Israel reprint). Quarto. 508 pp., numerous maps & charts in text. Bound in buckram. The original edition was limited to only 380 copies. see prices

KOEMAN, C. - N.I. 3 - Joan Blaeu and his 'Grand Atlas'. Introduction to the facsimile edition of le "Grand Atlas" 1663. Amsterdam, 1970. Octavo. 120 pp., illustrations, boards. An excellent introduction to Blaeu and his atlas. see prices

MAXWELL, Margaret - N.I. 4 - Shaping a Library: William L. Clements as a Collector. Amsterdam, 1973. 364 pp. Cloth in dust jacket. Fascinating biography with many insights into this great library and collector. see prices

PARKER, John - N.I. 5 - Books to Build an Empire. A bibliographical history of English overseas interests to 1620. Amsterdam, 1965. Octavo. 300 pp. Cloth in dust jacket. see prices

PARKER, Wyman - N.I. 6 - Henry Stevens of Vermont. An American Book Dealer in London, 1845-86. Amsterdam, 1963. Octavo. 348 pp. Cloth in dust jacket. This fascinating study documents Stevens career and his dealings with the great collectors: James Lenox, John Carter and the Great Libraries. see prices

PHILLIPS, Philip - N.I. 7 - A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress preceded by a list of works relating to cartography. Amsterdam, 1967. (Nico Israel reprint). Octavo. 1140 pp. Bound in cloth. see prices

STEVENS, Henry - N.I. 8 - Ptolemy's Geography. A brief account of all the printed editions down to 1730. Octavo. 64 pp. Boards. see prices

WAGNER, Henry R. - N.I. 9 - Sir Francis Drake's Voyage around the world: its aims and achievements. Amsterdam, 1969. (Nico Israel reprint). 20 x 27 cm. 543 pp. Bound in cloth. The most comprehensive assembly of texts and detailed analysis of Drake's voyage. see prices
ANDERSON, John P. - N.I.10 - The Book of British Topography. A Classified Catalogue of the Topographical Works in the Library of the British Museum relating to Great Britian and Ireland. Amsterdam, 1966. 472 pp. Original edition published in 1881. see prices

DANVERS, F.C./FOSTER - N.I.11 - Letters recieved by the East India Company from its Servants in the East transcribed from the 'Original Coorespondence' series of the India Office Records. Amsterdam, 1968. 6 vols in 3. Original edition was published in 1896-1902. see prices

FISCHER, J. AND F.R. von WIESER - N.I.12 - The Oldest Map with the name of America of the Year 1507 and the Carta Marina of the year 1516 by Martin Waldseemuller. Amsterdam, 1968. Soft cover, full size reprint of the original edition. see prices

MUNSTER, S. - N.I.13 - Cosmographei. Amsterdam, 1968. Facsimile of the Basel 1550 edition with introduction by R. Oehme. see prices

SKELETON, R.A. - N.I.14 - Saxton's Survey of England and Wales Amsterdam 1974. With a facsimile of Saxton's wall map of 1583. Imago Mundi Supplement No. VI. see prices

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