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    Aquila Books is pleased to be the official North American agent of Fram Museum

           Publications. To order please contact us.

      The Fram Museum is located in Oslo, Norway and contains exhibitions of the most

        famous voyages of global historical significance. The centrepiece of the museum is

        the world's strongest wooden polar ship the 'Fram'.






#128-529                                                             $45.00

The Fram Museum Presents:

The Roald Amundsen Diaries

The South Pole Expedition 1910-12


Oslo, Norway: The Fram Museum, ISBN # 978-82-8235-010-5, 2010

1st edition (Softcover). 411 pp. Octavo. Original pictorial wrappers. New.

With more than 270 colour and black and white photos from the expedition, many previously unpublished.


 "The Amundsen diaries give readers the opportunity to travel back in time to one of the highlights of international polar exploration. Amundsen kept his diary every day so we can join him from the moment when the Fram left his home south of Oslo, until the telegram about his success was published all over the world in March, 1912. The diaries take us on an oceanographic cruise around the British Isles to Bergen, via Kristiansand and Madeira - where the crew was told about the change of plans for the expedition - and then on a four-and-a-half month voyage to Antarctica; through nine months of preparations under the ice in Framheim; 99 days of sledging to the South Pole and back, and the first part of the journey home." (from back cover)






#128-532                                                                      $25.00

Antarctic Pioneers: The Voyage of the Belica 1897-99

A Fram Museum Exhibition


Geir O. Klover, Editor. Oslo, Norway: The Fram Museum

ISBN #  978-82-8235-007-5. 2010.1st edition (Softcover).

119 pp. Small square octavo. Original pictorial wrappers. New.

Illustrated with colour and black and white photos.


 "This book tells the amazing story of the Belgica Expedition and the        

crew of the Belgica's struggle for survival in the Antarctic pack ice. It is

 fully illustrated with Roald Amundsen's personal collection of photos from

 the expedition and contains several excerpts from his diary. The book

 includes Emile Racovitza's funny hand drawn commentaries on the life

 onboard, Roald Amundsen's diary illustrations, a section on other

 pioneering expeditions to Antarctica, and the story of the Belgica after

 the expedition." (from back cover)






#131-621                                                            $40.00

The Fram Museum and Camera Magica presents:

The Voyage of the Belgica 1897-99 in 3D

Roald Amundsen's personal collection of stereo lantern slides from the Belgica Expedition


Oslo, Norway: The Fram Museum, ISBN # 978-82-8235-005-1, 2009

1st edition (CD). In plastic case with illustration of ship on front cover. 3D image of boat on front of disc. Comes with a pair of paper 3D glasses. CD contains a slide show of 85 3D photos taken during the expedition. This CD required powerpoint viewer.


"The voyage of the Belgica is one of the most fascinating of the early Antarctic Expeditions, and probably the least comfortable one to have taken part in. It became the first expedition to winter in Antarctica and a training ground for a number of the crew members who later became internationally acknowledged experts in their fields. Among the officers was Roald Amundsen [and] Fredrick A. Cook, the expedition's doctor and photographer, took a series of stereo photographs during the voyage. Roald Amundsen owned a large collection of these photographs. After Amundsen's death in 1928, this collection was inherited by Leon Amundsen, Roald's brother. In 2008, Leon Amundsen's family donated the Belgica photo collection to the Fram Museum" (from back cover)






 #128-533                                                               $25.00

 Fridtjof Nansen: Scientist and Humanitarian

 A Fram Museum Exhibition. Including: Fridjtof Nansen's

 "The Food Situation in Norway (1917)" and "Adventure (1926)"


 Asle Sveen. Geir O. Klover, Editor. Oslo, Norway: The Fram    

 Museum,  ISBN# 978-82-8235-002-0, 2008

 1st edition (Softcover). 87 pp. Small square octavo. Original pictorial

 wrappers. New. Illustrated with colour and black and white photos.


 "This is the story of Fridtjof Nansen's tireless work on the refugee

 situation in Europa in the aftermath of the Great War. The book is        

 illustrated with many of Nansen's own photos" (from back cover).


 Nansen's work won him the 1922 Nobel Peace Prize.







#128-531                                                               $25.00

Roald Amundsen and the Exploration of the Northwest Passage

A Fram Museum Exhibition. Including: The Mystery of the North Magnetic Pole

and a 30-page illustrated timeline on the exploration of the Northwest Passage



Geir O. Klover Editor. Oslo, Norway: The Fram Museum

ISBN# 978-82-8235-001-3, 2008. 1st edition (Softcover). 105 pp.

Small square octavo. Original pictorial wrappers. New. Illustrated with \colour and black and white photos.


"In 1903-1906 Roald Amundsen established himself as a sailor and explorer of the first order when he successfully navigated the Gjoa through the entire length of the Northwest Passage, a treacherous ice-bound route that winds between the current northern Canadain mainland and Canada's Arctic islands. The expedition was a landmark event in the history of Arctic exploration... This book tells the story of the Gjoa and her crew. It is fully illustrated with original photos from the expedition and contains several       

 excerpts  from Roald Amundsen's diary. . ." (from back cover)






#128-530                                                          $40.00

Cold Recall Reflections of a Polar Explorer

A Fram Museum Exhibition.


Geir O. Klover Editor. Oslo, Norway: The Fram Museum

ISBN# 978-82-8235-003-7, 2009. 1st edition (Softcover). 253 pp.

Quarto. Original pictorial wrappers. New. Illustrated with colour and

black and white photos and reproductions of original documents.


"Cold Recall combines the complete texts of Roald Amundsen's lectures about his expeditions through the Northwest Passage (1903-06) and to the South Pole (1910-12) with the original hand-coloured lantern slides he used to illustrate his lectures. Together they offer a unique insight into how Amundsen presented his expeditions when face to face with an international audience. They also provide the first pictorial account of his successful unlocking of the Northwest Passage and the expedition to the South Pole... The 90-page appendix includes many of the letters, articles, brochures and pamphlets related to Amundsen's lecture tours."

(from back cover)






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