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Aquila books has several other interesting artifacts in the store which will eventually be available online (this is only a small handful). In the meantime, however, why not come into the store and take a look at what we have in person?

If you are not in the area and are interested in what we have or are looking for something specific please contact us.




Morgan, Valerie.

Tsimshian Mask.


British Columbia: , [no date]. Fine. Original hand carved native mask. Measures 9" X 6" (with hair and strings hanging longer). Carved wood stained teal with black, red and turquoise decoration. Many long strands of hair and strings adorned with feathers hang down. A beautiful mask displaying closed eyes, open mouth and a serene facial expression.


Valerie Morgan is a Kwakwaka’wakw and Gitxsan artist from Kitwanga, British Columbia. She was a student of Gitxsan artist Ken Mowatt. She is also a member of the frog clan. Tsimshian (Tsim-she-yan, meaning "People of the Skeena") is a name that is often broadly applied to all northern BC Aboriginal groups speaking languages of the Tsimshian language family.

Aquila Books # 136530.....$2000.00



Simkin, R.

Our Indian and Colonial Forces.

New Double Dissected Puzzles. Untearable Dean's Gold Metal Series No 60 [Original Wooden Jig-Saw Puzzle].


London: Bean and Son, [circa 1900]. Very good. Set of four semi-interlocking jigsaw puzzles with over 150 pieces. 8 chromolithograph sheets mounted one to each side of each puzzle. Breaks to two of the pieces which have been professionally repaired. Other than a bit of light soiling the pieces are in excellent condition. Puzzles measure 15" X 10.5" (38 X 26.5 cm). Housed in slightly larger wooden box with sliding lid and illustrated chromolithograph title laid down on lid. Box shows some general spotting and wear. Large booklet contains loosely the eight images that are mounted on the puzzles as well as a pictoral map outlining the colonial regions. These sheets are chipped and worn at edges with some soiling.


Richard Simkin was a British artist and illustrator of military uniforms. His work appears published by Dean and Co. From 1900 onwards. A beautiful military puzzle which shows pictures of Royal Canadian Artillery winter kit, New South Wales Lancers, Madras Lancers, Hong Kong Native Police, Trinidad light infantry, Royal Niger Hausa, 1st Punjab, 2nd Bombay Lancers and the Bombay infantry as well as many others. Puzzles and illustrations depict beautifully detailed uniforms, portraits and horses.

Aquila Books # 136595.....$1250.00


The Bicorne Hat of

Major General G.A. French     


#132507                                         $9,500

1870-1902. Beautifully detailed Bicorn hat with bullion decoration and red satin interior, in very food condition. In fitted japanned tin case with brass name tag inscribed "Major General G.A. French C.M.G.". Also contains a large plume of red and white goose feathers, housed in their own separate tin cylindrical case. The tin cases are somewhat worn and rusted. The feathers though somewhat worn and tattered are in remarkably good condition. Also contains an envelope of newspaper clippings from the Irish Times dated 3rd of May 1988 relating to Major General French. A very interesting hat.


Major General G.A. French was the first commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He was born in Roscommon in 1841. In 1862 he was posted to Canada when he served 4 years in Kingston, Ontario as as adjutant. After Downsizing the British Army presence in Canada he was sent, on loan, to the Canadian Army where he worked as a chief instructor for the school of gunnery at Kingston. In view of a need for a mounted police force in Canada Prime Minister Sir John A McDonald decided to establish the North West Mounted Police (later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police). On the 3rd of May 1873 the organization came into being and in October of the same year McDonald extended an invitation to French to become the first commissioner of the force. Despite a new government giving French little support with the N.W.M.P. under his command they set out on the infamous march in July 1874 into the West and the Rocky Mountains, a journey of over 400 miles. Their aim was to combat increasing lawlessness in the region, which was a formidable task given the vast area they were working with. However, his new police force quickly established a reputation for justice, fair play and honesty. French's administrative and logistical skills are widely recognized as the main reason for the success of the march, but still his command of the force came to an abrupt end in 1876 when the tension between him and his political superiors resulted in his forced resignation. French was awarded, for his services in Canada, the Order of St. Michael and St. George. He returned to England and under service with the Royal Artillery was promoted to the rank of Major (1881). He was later sent to Australia in 1883, and, as Commander of the Queensland Defense Force he played a significant role in organizing the defense forces for New South Wales and Queensland. He was appointed President of the Federal Military Committee to draft a defense act of Australia. He died in London in July 1921 and was buried in Brompton cemetery.

Acquired from an auction house in Ireland.





Aquila books stocks a wide variety of scientific instruments including but not limited to: microscopes, medical instruments, surveying instruments, drafting instruments, dental instruments, telescopes and other miscellaneous items. Most of our inventory is from the mid 19th century to the early 20th century (though unfortunately for the time being none of it is listed online and it is best to make an appointment to come see it in the shop).

Illustrated to the right are two late 19th century - early 20th century microscopes in fine condition complete with original cases.

We are always looking to purchase high quality Antique Scientific Instruments.  If you have something you would like us to consider, please send us an e-mail: 

We would also be please to receive individual wants lists.





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