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All are framed elegantly by Charles Van Sandwyk in beautiful wooden frames

and are very rarely offered for sale

If you have any questions, or wish to place an order, please contact us.


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#136322                                                                   $4200


Vancouver: Charles Van Sandwyk Fine Arts,  Original watercolour painting. Painting measures 8" X 6.25". The image is signed at the bottom right corner. Encased in elegant and decorative 2.25" wooden frame (frame measures 17" X 14"). Brown acid free matting with red and gilt rule border decoration. A beautiful piece.


A fantastic image showing Rumpelstiltskin (from the classic children's fairy tale) dancing around a fire in impish delight. Two forest animals watch him from the foreground (one is a rabbit smoking a pipe). A small hut and forest are visible at the rear.


Illustration from the Blue Fairy Book, a collection of classic children's tales released by the Folio Society and illustrated by Van Sandwyk. The watercolour illustrates a part near to end of the story where Rumpelstiltskin is dancing around the fire saying his name. It is this scene that the servant spies, from which he passes the name onto the Queen (who uses it to get out of giving away her first child).





Pencil Sketch from 'Afterglow'. Signed and Framed.

# 136319                                                                                                                                                                                   SOLD                $695.00

Vancouver: Original pencil sketch on beige paper. Sketch measures roughly 3.25" X 4.75" (8 X 12 cm). In 1.25" gilt decorative frame. Sage green acid-free matting with black and gilt hand drawn border surrounding the image. The drawing is signed beneath in pencil by Van Sandwyk.


A delicate drawing of two small elf-like creatures from the book Afterglow. The larger figure appears to struggle beneath the weight of a large pumpkin. He is dressed in a leaf like tunic and wears a pointed hat with large feather. The smaller figure contemplates a wine glass with impish delight. A beautiful sketch reminiscent of harvest and celebration.





Toad in Disguise

#131528                           $5250  SOLD


Image 7" x 6" (in frame which measures 16" x 13"). Beautifully vibrant original watercolour. Dark green matting in decorative carved wooden frame.


SIGNED on the bottom left by the artist. Depicts a scene from The Wind in the Willows, in which Toad dresses up as a washer woman, as illustrated by Van Sandwyk in 2005.











#131524             $5000


2006. Image 9" x 6" (in frame which measures 15.5" x 13"). Beautifully vibrant original watercolour. Beige matting in decorative painted wooden frame.


SIGNED on the bottom left by the artist.









Owl and Friends (Birds on a Branch)

#131525                            SOLD            $5250


2006. Image 10" x 6" (in frame which measures 21" x 16"). Beautifully vibrant original watercolour. With beige matting in decorative wooden frame.


SIGNED on the bottom left by the artist.



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