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Aquila books deals in a wide variety of original posters and works of printed & original art.  We have placed materials with major institutions, and with private collectors. If you wish to inquire please click : Here

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North American Transport Posters



Jasper National Park

Canadian Rockies

On the Route of the Super Continental

 Canadian National Railways


[circa 1960]. Good to very good. Original Poster. 30" X 19.5" (76.2 X 49.5 cm). Green, yellow and black background with photographic colour image of a red boat in the lake of Jasper National park. Light wear and creasing especially near edges; with two fold lines near top corners. Small 1/2 inch X 1/2 inch spot near top right corner where the paper is exposed. A strong poster.


An interesting piece of Canadian National Railway ephemera. The Super Continental was a transcontinental Canadian passenger train operated originally by the Canadian National Railway beginning in 1955 and subsequently by Via Rail from 1977 until its cancellation in 1981. The original CNR train had a Montreal– Ottawa– Toronto- Winnipeg– Saskatoon– Edmonton– Jasper– Vancouver routing with daily service.


                         Aquila Books #134706 -  $475.00



Vancouver Only Hours Away by TCA



Trans-Canada Air Lines. Original half-tone poster. 40" X 20." Some discoloration to margins. Minor creasing. Vertical fold 3" from top of poster. Tape residue to corners. None of the defaults affect the vibrant, colourful image of downtown Vancouver.


This Trans-Canada Airlines travel poster presents an historical colour photograph of Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, Grouse Mountain, and the downtown Vancouver skyline as it was in the early 1960s. Landmarks like the Hotel Vancouver and the Marine Building still dominated the skyline. Also includes buildings, like the Birks Building, lost to the relentless development of downtown Vancouver. Presents nicely as a nostalgic image of an earlier Vancouver.


SOLD $475 US



Now! The Lowest Air Fairs Ever. TCA Excursion Fairs to Canada c 1960

Trans-Canada Air Lines. Original lithograph poster. 40" X 25." Some minor creasing throughout, with a larger crease 3" from the top of the poster. No fading, colours vibrant.

A Trans-Canada Airlines/Air Canada poster advertising round trip flights from London to Montreal for only 11 Pounds. An interesting image depicting a flying jet bisecting the poster, revealing the lowest fairs offered by TCA. Poster is advertising both Trans-Canada Airlines and Air Canada. A crisp, stylish image.

$175 US






U.S.A. & Canada, Travel in a Big Way

c 1950


Cunard Line. Original Poster. 40" X 25" (101 X 63.5 cm). Slightly wrinkled with some light creasing and soiling towards edges. A large poster with rich colouring.


 Poster depicts of an image of the Queen Elizabeth ship coming into New York. The Queen Elizabeth was an ocean liner operated by the Cunard Line with weekly express service between Southampton and New York City via Cherbourg.


SOLD $500 US



Only Hours Away by TCA c1958


Original lithograph poster. 40" X 25." Minor discoloration and creasing to margins, not affecting image. Some professional restoration to top margin and corners. Colours crisp and vibrant.


A classically 1950s travel poster advertising Canada coast-to-coast. From the Blue Nose on the East Coast to the sky scrapers of Toronto, through the prairies and mountains to the totem poles and salmon of the West Coast. All these iconic images are contained in a Trans-Canada Airlines flight bag with a smiling Mountie looking on and an airliner flying overhead. It would be hard to imagine more Canadiana on one post


SOLD $400 US


Cunard to Canada

c. 1950


Artist: Charles E. Turner. 39.75" x 24.75". Original poster professionally mounted on linen. In good condition with bright coloring, no tears or creasing.


Advertisement poster for British-American owned company "Cunard Lines" promoting Canadian tourism using brightly a coloured seascape by artist Charles E. Turner (1883-1965) who made several poster advertisements for the company.

SOLD  $1850 U.S.




Scandinavian American Line 1915

Artist: Ferdinand Worms (1859-1939), Naval painter. 37" X 25.5" original lithograph on metal. In very good condition with only some light scratches on surface and edges slightly bumped. Holes at corners for wire. A crisp, bright image.

The ship in the image shows the name "Frederik VII". The Scandinavian America Line was founded in 1898 and operated as a passenger service line between Copenhagen and New York, and was then continued under the new name "Scandinavian America Line". The Frederik VIII was built by Vulcan Stettiner Maschinenbau A.G., Stettin in 1913 and at the delivery she was the largest Scandinavian ship. Her tonnage was 11,850 tons gross, 7,630 dead weight. There was accommodation for 121 first class, 259 second class and 881 third class passengers.

SOLD$575 U.S.






Northern Pacific Railway - Northern Pacific Coast Limited c. 1935

Artist: Sydney Laurence. 40" X 29.5". Original poster. In very good condition with only minor wear on edges. A large and colourful poster with wonderful detailed graphics.

The image by Laurence shows umiaks carrying native Alaskans to a potlatch gathering. Laurence was one of the foremost painters of the Alaskan Landscape.

The North Coast Limited was a named passenger train operated by the Northern Pacific Railway between Chicago and Seattle via Bismarck, North Dakota. It commenced service on April 29, 1900, served briefly as a Burlington Northern Railroad train after the merger on March 2, 1970 with Great Northern Railway and Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, and ceased operation the day before Amtrak began service in 1971.

$950 U.S.


France - Fly TCA


Artist: J le Flaguais (1921-1986). 1954. 29" X 19.5. Original Poster. Colour lithograph. Visible wear along the edges with some small tears and chipping. White wrinkle lines at top. Tears from tape at top and bottom left corners. Mark from tape on top right corner. Bright colours. A fun and cheerful poster.

The poster presents many symbols of French culture, such as the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks, the French flag, a policeman with a moustache and a couple sitting at an outdoor Cafe in bright, cheery pastel colours. Shows small TCA logo on bottom left.

SOLD $125 U.S.




Bermuda -  Fly TCA

Trans-Canada Airlines

c. 1953


Artist: J le Flaguais. 29" X 19.5". Original poster. In good condition with bright colours. Visible wear around edges with chipping on bottom corners and two large chips to left side. Small tears and wrinkling around edges. 2.5" X .75" tape marks on two top corners with smaller ones at bottom corners. Creasing around top edge. A nice poster.


A bright and cheery poster decorated with strongly stylized illustrations by Jacques le Flaguais a cartoonist from France. In 1948 the artist moved to Canada and lived in Montreal where he worked as a poster artist and advertising cartoonist and did many of TCA's destination travel posters. Scene shows a beach, blue sky with small clouds and a horse carriage. Original TCA logo at bottom left.

SOLD $125 U.S.



Fly TCA to Canada

Trans-Canada Air Lines

Best to Canada  TCA Super Constellation Service

c. 1950s


40" x 25". Original. Very good condition. Slightly worn around edges with crease in middle. A nice poster.


Bright and graphic poster meant to encourage tourism and inter-Canadian flights released by TCA (Trans-Canada Air Lines) which was known by this name from 1937-1965 and after which was officially renamed Air Canada.

sold $750 U.S.



"I am confident that men and women of the Canadian National System will break all their previous records in buying the Bonds of Canada's Fifth Victory Loan and so hasten Victory... "

R.C. Vaughan, Chairman and President, Canadian National Railways

c. 1940


Artist Unknown. 36" x 24" (91 x 61 cm). Original. In very good condition. Very minor wear/wrinkling with vertical and horizontal creases from being folded in quarters. 1" x 3/4" chip missing from middle of right side.


Strongly graphic poster depicting R.C. Vaughan, the President and Chairman of CN Railway from 1941 to 1950, encouraging the Canadian home front to be patriotic by supporting victory loans during WWII.

$500 U.S.


Germany - Fly TCA

c. 1947


Artist Unknown. 29" X 19.5". Original Poster. In good good condition. A few small chips and visible wear along the edges as well as 3 larger chips on top left hand corner edge. Marks from tape across all four corners. Lovely, cheery graphics.


In 1947 TCA commenced services to several European countries, including Germany. The poster depicts, using pastel colours and whimsical buildings, a very fairytale image of the country.

SOLD$125 U.S.


Red Star Line Anvers-Canada Via Southamption & Cherbourg Poster
c. 1920

Bailie, Samuel Colville. 88 x 56cm. Original color lithographed poster. Fantastic vibrant colors, blue background with red lettering. A bit of toning to outside edging. Overall very nice condition.

The Red Star Line was an ocean passenger line founded in 1871. The company operated until 1935, when the economic depression made it too difficult to remain in operation. This particular posted advertises the Antwerp to Canada line. Depicts a happy young man having just took off his hat in greeting, standing in front of a golden farm field, with prosperous farmland behind him.

$ 2200 CAD





European Transport Posters



Churchill, Winston [British Main Line Railway Companies].

A Message from the Prime Minister.


GWR LMS 1923-1944 Lner Sr. [Original Poster].London & Tonbridge: Jas Truscott & Sons LTD, 1944, Original Poster. Very good. 25" X 39.25" (63.5 X 100 cm). Creases vertically and horizontally from where it was folded into 16 as well as a general rippling. Slight soiling and wear along edges. Some dark pencil markings to the top left corner which have been partially erased. Nice condition.


A visually strong poster with red, blue and white writing upon a light brown background. The message from the prime minister thanking the four British Main Line Railway companies for their work (especially that during the war) on the occassion of their 21st anniversary. Though he is not refered to by name on the poster Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister during this time and it is from him the gratitude is intended to come. The four railway companies included in the British Main Line Railway were the Great Western Railway (GWR), London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS), London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) and the Southern Railway (SR)

Aquila Books # 136446 .....$500.00




Gracious Living from Continent to Continent

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines



40" x 25". Original. No Date. Rotterdam: Kuhn and Zoon. In very good condition with only minor water damage along top edge.


Brightly coloured poster showing the stylish late 1950's luxury of KLM, the National Airline of the Netherlands and a part of Air France KLM, emphasized by happy passengers, several pillows and delicacys such as champagne, which are used to convey the comfort of the first class cabin.

$300 U.S.




















British Railways.

"Railway Refreshments Rooms Are Often Short of Cups & Glasses. Carry Your Own with You. British Railways G. W. R. LMS L.N.E.R S.R."


[Original Poster].London: British Railways / Mccordquodale & Co. LTD, [circa 1945]. Very good. Original poster. Beige with red and blue text/illustration. 24.5" X 19.75" (63 X 50 cm). Crease where it was once folded into four pieces. Subtle offsetting from text when it was folded. Slight soiling near edges (with top left corner showing some darkening) along with some creasing and small closed tears. There is 1.5" closed tear on the bottom left of the poster.


Fantastic graphic and statement. Poster produced for Great Western Railway (GWR), London, Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS), London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) and Southern Railway (SR) to ask passengers to carry their own cups and glasses, because railway refreshment rooms were often short of them towards the end of the Second World War.


 Aquila Books #136423   -  $175.00











 Iceland Airways [Kai Rich].

"Flugfélag Íslands. H. F. Iceland Airways."


Kobenhavn: Iceland Airways / Raaby - Henning Kristensen, [circa 1956]. Near very good. Original poster. 39.25" X 24" (99.5 X 61 cm). Poster shows some horizontal creasing from being rolled. There is some darkening along the left side and foxing toward the bottom. The bottom right corner has a white stain that measures roughly 5 X 6" at it's longer points. Small holes at all four corners from being hung with pins. A very interesting poster in decent condition.


Artist: Kai Rich (the image is dated '55). A strong graphic with bold colours. The poster depicts a plane, flying atop a looming mountain and a beautiful abstracted farm scene in the valley beneath. Kai Rich is known for his beautiful scenes of the Iceland landscape.


Originally Icelandair, Iceland Airways was began in 1937 in Akureyri on the north coast of Iceland. Flight operations started in 1938 with a single floatplane of the type Waco YKS-7. In 1939 the airline had to be grounded when the aircraft was destroyed in a capsizing accident. The company moved to Reykjavík, were it acquired another Waco aircraft and was re-launched in 1940 as Flugfélag Íslands, which translates as Flight Company of Iceland. Previously, two unrelated airlines of the same name had existed in the country (from 1919 to 1920, and between 1928 and 1931). For international purposes, the name Iceland Airways was adopted.


Aquila # 136431          -   $400.00

M.S. Berlin

North German Lloyd

c 1955

Artist: Unknown. Entire size 18.5" X 27". Image size 12.5" X 22". Original poster printed on heavy cardboard. Worn around edges with corners slightly bumped. In very good condition with clean, bright image.

North German Lloyd (Norddeutsche Lloyd (NDL)) was a German shipping company. It was initiated in Bremen on February 20, 1857. It developed into one of the most important German shipping companies of the late 19th and early 20th Century. On September 1, 1970, the company merged with Hamburg America Line (HAPAG) to form Hapag-Lloyd.

During 1955, NDL had the converted Swedish MS Gripsholm in service. From the year 1924, she was renamed MS Berlin (and is shown on this poster). She worked on the North Atlantic routes and was one of the first in the line service to America.

$200 U.S.

















Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway.

Dungeness. By the Worlds Smallest Public Railway.


[Original Poster].London: Vincent Brooks, Day & Sons, [circa 1950], Original Poster. Near very good. 39.5" X 24.5" (100 X 62 cm). Some vertical and horizontal creases from being folded into eight separate pieces. Poster also shows a fair amount of general creasing. Very slight wear to outer edges. Colours remain bright.


A aesthetically strong poster showing a picturesque ship and lighthouse in the setting sun. Strong orange and yellows upon a black background.


Dungeness, depicted in the poster, is a headland on the coast of Kent, England, formed largely of a shingle beach in the form of a cuspate foreland.


The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway is a 15 in/381 MM gauge light railway in Kent, England. The 13 1/2-mile (22 KM) line runs from the Cinque Port of Hythe via Dymchurch, St. Mary's Bay, New Romney and Romney Sands to Dungeness, close to Dungeness nuclear power station and Dungeness lighthouse. Originally opened in 1928 the New Romney to Dungeness section was reopened in 1947 following the war. From 1926 to 1978, the RH&DR held the title of the "Smallest public railway in the world" (in terms of track gauge).

Aquila Books # 136489 .....$300.00


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