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Canadian Tourism and Travel




Cradle of New World History

c 1955


Very Good. Original Poster. 36" X 23.5" . Minimal creasing to edges and a few creases below the word "Newfoundland." Each corner has tape residue (extremely subtle on all but the top left where there is a distinctly darker square). There is also a small chip and fold to the bottom left corner. Rich colours and bold shapes make for a fantastic Newfoundland poster.


A great Newfoundland Tourism poster. Probably made shortly after Newfoundland became a province in 1949. Depicts a rocky coast line with a small white house. The view is looked out at over two handsome canons. The coat of arms of Newfoundland is at the bottom left next to the subtitle. Aquila Books # 133-689

$450 US






Canada's New-Fun-Land c 1950


Very Good. Original Poster. 36" X 23.5" . Some creasing to the edges and a few small closed tears (all less than 0.5") to the lower right-hand edge of the poster. The poster is marked "Printed in Canada" in the lower right and "FM 7409" in the lower left corner. A capturing image with bold contrast and strong colours, supplemented beautifully by the fantastic subtitle.


Newfoundland was made a province officially in 1949. This poster is a great piece of tourism promoting ephemera from shortly after. Depicts a somewhat abstracted scene of ships in a harbor looking out over a rocky coast littered with brightly coloured houses. Scene is viewed from within a wooden structure. A wonderful Canadian poster.

(Aquila Books # 133-690)


$550 US SOLD



Unknown Artist.

Visit Newfoundland Canada's Newest Playground


[Original Poster].Newfoundland: , [circa 1965]. Near fine. 36" X 23.5" (91.5 X 60 cm). Slight creasing and wear near edges. Two small, light linear markings near top. A great looking poster.


A beautiful graphic in light green and red tones. The poster, intended to promote tourism in Newfoundland, depicts a boats upon a calm ocean, tied up out front an idyllic seaside town which is nestled in a valley. Four seagulls circle overhead.

Aquila Books # 136437 .....$500.00





Newfoundland and Labrador Tourist Development Office.

Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canada's Happy Province.


Newfoundland: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourist Development Office, [circa 1959], Original Poster. Near fine. 36" X 24" (91.5 X 61 cm). Light wear around edges with some slight creasing and wrinkling. Generally in excellent condition.


A fantastic original tourism Newfoundland and Labrador poster with a charming and very dated graphic. Red and purple lettering on a black background at the top matches the small little fish bearing the slogan "Canada's Happy Province" to the bottom left. Below the title is a photograph of the deep blue ocean and rocky shore of the province. Super imposed upon the image is a cut out figure of a woman who delicately admires a shell she has found. This is one in a series of tourism posters released at the time that all contain the fish and slogan.


Aquila # 136436 - $300.00 US


Newfoundland and Labrador Tourist Development Office.

Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canada's Happy Province.


Newfoundland: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourist Development Office, [circa 1959], Original Poster. Near fine. 36" X 24" (91.5 X 61 cm). With light wear around edges and a few small creases. Small stain to top left corner.


Rich, bright colours. Strong graphic of a moose prancing through the water. With the slogan "Canada's Happy Province" in a blue happy fish logo at the bottom right. This is one of a series of at least four posters that promote Newfoundland tourism and bear this slogan.


Aquila Books # 136435    -  $450.00 US




Canadian Government Travel Bureau.



[Original Poster]. Ottawa: Canadian Government Travel Bureau, [circa 1965]. Very good. 34" X 22" (86 X 56 cm). Light wear and creasing, mainly along edges. A nice copy.


A nice 1960's Canadian travel poster showing a group of men enjoying their coffee on the deck of a ski cabin. Visible around them are a ski lodge, several other buildings and a snowy expanse of hill. The image appears to be from Quebec though it is impossible to tell.

Aquila books # 136440 .....$175.00 US








Canadian Government Travel Bureau.



Original Poster with Skiers]. Ottawa: Canadian Government Travel Bureau, [circa 1965]. Very good. 34" X 22" (86 X 56 cm). Light wear and creasing along edges, along with some small chips, small closed tears and mild discolouration. A nice copy.


A nice 1960's Canadian travel poster showing several men skiing under a bright blue sky. Beneath 'Canada' is written simply with a small Canadian flag to the left of it. The lettering and flag appear to be precursors to the infamous and similar 'Canada' logo which was officially used in the 1980's as a global identifier of the Canadian government (and which contained all the same elements).


Aquila Books # 136438 .....$225.00 US





Tourism and Travel from Other Countries




John, Paul.

Germany. Bavarian Alps. The Konigssee.

"Summer in Germany Is the Perfection of the Beautiful"- M. Twain.

Information and Handbooks from All Tourist Agencies and Travel Bureaux.


Berlin: W. Girardet, Essen, [circa 1936], Original Poster. Near fine. 29" X 20" (74 X 51 cm). Slight wear and creasing (mainly near the edges), else in excellent condition. Rich, deep colouring.


A bold and enticing monochromatic photographic image showing an inviting lake nestled within a lush valley. The lake shown is the Konigssee, or "King's Lake", which is arguably one of the most beautiful areas of the Bavarian Alps. The Königssee is a natural lake in the extreme southeast Berchtesgadener Land district of the German state of Bavaria, near the border to Austria. Most of the lake is within the Berchtesgaden National Park. The literal translation appears to be "King's Lake"; however while German: König does indeed mean "king", there had been no Bavarian kings since the days of Louis the German until Elector Maximilian I Joseph assumed the royal title in 1806. Therefore the name more probably stems from the first name Kuno of local nobles, who appear in several historical sources referring to the donation of the Berchtesgaden Provostry in the 12th century; the lake was formerly called Kunigsee. Photograph by Paul John.


Aquila Books # 136481 .....$400.00







Films, Shows & Events












Wells, H. G. [Bert I. Gordon, Samuel Z. Arkoff].

 The Food of the Gods [Original Film Poster].


Brent Walker Film Distributions Ltd/American International Pictures, 1976, Original Film Poster. Very good. 29" X 40". Brightly coloured with dynamic design. Light wear and creasing to edges with some light chipping. Verticle and horizontal creases from being folded into eight pieces. Small hole at the center where some of the creases meet. A nice poster.


The Food of the Gods starred Marjoe Gortner of Earthquake, Pamela Franklin, Ralph Meeker, Jon Cypher, John McLiam, and Ida Lupino. This film was loosely based on a portion of the H. G. Wells novel the Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth. A sequel to the film was made in 1989, entitled Food of the Gods II. In the spite of the film's success, Michael Medved gave it the Golden Turkey Award for Worst Rodent Movie of All Time. The film reduced the tale to an 'Ecology Strikes Back' scenario, common in science fiction movies at the time. The food mysteriously bubbles up from the ground on a remote island somewhere in British Columbia. The couple that discover it, Mr. And Mrs. Skinner (McLiam and Lupino) consider it a gift from God, and promptly begin feeding it to their chickens. Soon, rats, wasps, and worms consume the substance, and the island is crawling with giant vermin. The movie was AIP's most successful release of the year causing them to make a series of films based on H.G. Wells novels. The poster shows a fantastic image of a large chicken with a bloody beak, a tiny man shooting at it in vain and a barely clothed damsel in distress.                        Aquila # 136355                        $125.00 SOLD


Hoffman's Circus/Mike Hoffman

 Hoffman's Novelty Circus:

Prof. Hoffman the Magician Presents "Show of Wonders" New Illusions and Sensational Mysteries Never Before Seen on This Continent


Rouleau, Sask.: Enterprise Show Print, [circa 1932]. Very good. 42" X 14" (106.68 X 35.5 CM) Original broadside advertisement. Beige poster paper with black and red text, along with many B/W photographs. Light wrinkling (especially to edges at right side) as well as a small closed tear near bottom- else in excellent condition. A great piece of ephemera relating to both the circus and the history of Saskatchewan.


The poster appears to be "generic" - no dates or locations of circus performances advertised. "Prof." Mike Hoffman started Hoffman's Novelty Circus in 1928 in Omaha, Nebraska. He operated the circus from Omaha until moving to Humboldt, Saskatchewan in 1932. The last performance was held in Muenster, Saskatchewan on September 29, 1943. A very interesting broadside for the "Biggest and Best Traveling Show from Coast to Coast" with highlights including: "Clyde Clidence in Heinie Gorglefoot the Immitable Dutchmen", "Five Real Trained Dogs, Something Worth Seeing", "The Bears that Eat and Drink at the Table" and Do-Do the Clown on His Bucking Globe" all preformed by the animals and 10 person cast. The poster includes information regarding the timing (2.5 hrs), pricing and dance afterward.


Aquila Books # 134734 - $375.00 SOLD




Entertainment, Facts, Thrills and Action. Polar Bear Hunt in the Arctic. 100% Sound and Talking

Anderson, Marius and Singelow, Alexander


C. 1931.  Near fine. 40" X 27" (101.5 X 69 cm). Large, original movie poster. Brightly coloured. In remarkably good condition with minimal creasing. Poster displays, on a yellow background, blue, red and black lettering and an image of a figure trapped beneath a growing polar bear. Another bear is visible in the background. In the foreground is another human figure holding a gun. It is a strong, ferocious and very captivating image. A great poster.


Poster for the 1931 Swedish adventure film directed by Marius Anderson and Alexander Singelow; the film was a travelogue documentary which includes scenes in Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden: Norwegian infantry trains on skis, a cable railway in Bergen travels to a mountaintop, an old-fashioned Norwegian wedding is shown, a beautiful trip through fjords, a polar bear hunt and bass fishing at Lofoten and many other things. Lithographed in the USA.


          Aquila Books # 134559 -   $1250 US   


Cody, Samuel Franklin. The Klondyke Nugget by S. F. Cody [Original Chromolithograph Poster Advertising Performance of the Klondyke Nugget.

Belfast: David Allen & Sons, c1900. Original chromolithograph. 30" X 20". Margins of poster lightly foxed. Discrete professional restoration to a few open tears to margin and edges of image. One vertical fold through poster; bottom corners creased. With two small pieces of paper (one partially removed) advertising a performance (November 12th at the Theatre Royal, Gloucester) tipped onto the upper right corner of the image.

A dramatic, full colour image advertising a performance of S.F. Cody's stage play, the Klondike Nugget. The image depicts a scene from the play, where Cody stands defiantly in front of a map of Alaska, the Yukon, and the Klondyke while several men point firearms at his head. A native man on a horse, a woman in buckskins, a man in a Union Jack jacket and several others stand by. Samuel Franklin Cody was a popular Western stage performer who traveled around the world re-enacting scenes from the old west. His Klondike show, first performed in 1898 and featuring members of his family, was among his most popular and successful. Cody was also an aviation enthusiast and is credited with the first powered flight in the United Kingdom. A scarce piece of Klondike Gold Rush ephemera.

Aquila #137316... $750.00

Cody, Samuel Franklin. John Bull's Advice. See the Klondyke Nugget [Original Chromoithograph Poster Advertising Performance of the Klondyke Nugget].

Birmingham: Moody Brothers, c1900. Original chromolithograph. 30" X 20". Margins of poster with a few small creases and closed tears, professionally repaired and not affecting image. Old, inconspicuous veritcal fold through poster. Top margin with two faint lines of colour offset from printing. Two small piece of paper, one partially removed, advertising the play (Dec 19th at Clarence Theater in Pontypridd, Wales) affixed to the image.

A fantastic, full colour image advertising a performance of S.F. Cody's stage play, the Klondike Nugget. The image depicts John Bull giving a hearty "thumbs up," surrounded by characters personifying the United States (Uncle Sam) and various countries of the Empire, including an African in native dress, a kangaroo, a seated Native American, a seated Inuit, a man in Scottish garb, and others. Samuel Franklin Cody was a popular Western stage performer who travelled around the world re-enacting scenes from the old west. His Klondike show, first performed in 1898 and featuring members of his family, was among his most popular and successful. Cody was also an aviation enthusiast and is credited with the first powered flight in the United Kingdom. A scarce piece of Klondike Gold Rush ephemera.

Aquila #137317... $900.00


Opera House Cheltenham. 

Anthony Knowles (For Buckstone Productions) Presents a Season of Plays: March 26th for One Week Agatha Christie's Ten Little Niggers.

April 2nd for One Week the Happiest Days of Your Life by John Dighton.


[Original Broadside]. Gloucester: Ford & Branch, LTD, [circa 1945]. 14.25" X 10" (36 X 25.5 cm). Original broadside with black and red text and illustration. Two small holes and string hanger at top.


Broadside from an English Opera House advertising two plays. A decorative border encases the title at the top and a dark illustration depicting a stage and packed seats is to the top right. The first play, Agatha Christie's Ten Little Niggers, is to take place on March 26th for one week (no performance Good Friday) and is accompanied by the subtitle "nine victims- and one unknown killer- marooned on a desert island...". The play was first published by Christie in 1939. The book was named after a popular nursery rhyme of the same name. The American edition was "Ten Little Indians". The name was later adapted to the last line of the rhyme "And Then There Were None". "The Happiest Days of Your Life", the second play on the broadside, (by John Dighton and produced by Leslie Phillips) was to take place April 2nd for one week as a special Easter Holiday Attraction. It is described as "A wildly funny farce about a boys' school and a girls' school- on the same premise! The most hilarious evening of your life!".. In 1950 the play was turned into a film by Frank Launder. The broadside also provides details of performances and box office.


In fine condition - Aquila # 136503.....$150.00


In near fine condition with subtle imperfections

Aquila Books # 136506 and 136505.....$145.00



Ten Little Niggers c. 1945


29.5" x 20". Poster advertising the stage adaptation of Agatha Christie's 1939 title "Ten Little Niggers". Put on at Catterick Camp military base in in Richmondshire during war time.       


Very early production of Agatha Christie's classic play, the title of which was changed to "Ten Little Indians" and later "And Than There Were None". A rare survival of a military production of a classic Christie mystery.

   SOLD  $350.00 U.S.













Pleasure Gardens Theatre.

Buckstone Productions Present:

Witness for the Prosecution by Agatha Christie


[Original Broadside]. Folkestone: Tribe Bros LTD, [circa 1952]. Fine. 8.5" X 5.5" (21.5 X 14 cm). Black and red text. Clean, flat and bright.


Broadside provides details for the venue, box office hours and show times. A quote upon the sheet reads "Not Only Agatha Christie's biggest play but her best- Daily Mail". The play was first published in the UK in Famous Plays of 1954 by Victor Gollancz LTD in 1954. The film version, based on Christie's play, was released on 6 February 1958 and directed by Billy Wilder.


 Aquila Books # 136509.....$35.00



















Artist Unknown.

Pavillon Italien. Italian Pavilion. Expo 67 Montreal.


Montreal: Expo 67 / Italian Pavilion, 1967, Original Poster. Near very good. 40" X 25" (101.5 X 63.5 cm). Many horizontal creases from being rolled. Some light wear and smaller creases to edges, else is a very nice poster in decent condition.


An interesting design with the two outer thirds covered by simple brown squared with basic white lettering. The center contains an abstract, colourful image reminiscent of the architecture of the Italian Pavilion. The 1967 International and Universal Exposition or Expo 67, as it was commonly known, was the general exhibition, Category One World's Fair held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, from April 27 to October 29, 1967. It is considered to be the most successful World's Fair of the 20th century, with the most attendees to that date and 62 nations participating. It also set the single-day attendance record for a world's fair, with 569,500 visitors on its third day. Italy's pavilion was architecturally striking with its roof, a large curved surface, that began near the ground, then soared towards the sky, completely independent of the building below. Dominating the roof were three sculptures which symbolized the themes of the Italian exhibits: Tradition, Customs and Progress. A bunished bronze sphere by Arnaldo Pomodoro was the one that caught most passers-by's eyes.

Aquila Books# 136441....$250.00





Triple Victory! Mercedes-Benz Wins Also the "Grand Prix of Berlin" the Fastest Race Course of the World 1. Karl Kling 2. Juan Manuel Fangio 3. Hans Herrmann



Liska, Hans [Artist]. Very good. Original unmounted offset lithograph poster. 23.25" X 32.5." Margins slightly foxed and discolored with occasional creasing. One horizontal fold approximately 14 inches from the bottom of the poster. Some professional restoration to margins. A wonderful piece of Mercedes Benz ephemera.


Poster commemorating the "Triple Victory" of the Mercedes-Benz team of Karl Kling, Juan Manuel Fangio, and Hans Hermann at the 1954 Grand Prix of Berlin. The race in question occurred on the Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungsstraße ('Automobile traffic and training road'), better known as AVUS, is a public road in Berlin, Germany. The poster depicts a dramatic scene of racers in Mercedes-Benz W196 Formula One cars taking a banked corner with flags of competing nations flying in the background.

Printed in Germany. Aquila Books # 133-645


SOLD $850







Mermaid Comedies

"Cold Chills" with Louise Fazenda

(Supervised by Jack White. E.W. Hammons Presents a Jack White Production. Educational Pictures "The Spice of the Program".)

Educational Film Exchanges, Inc, 1923


Very good. Original poster. 42" X 28". Vertical crease and three horizontal creases where it was folded. Dark, bold colours and strong imagery. Minimal wear and creasing near edges. A fantastic poster.


Dramatic Poster advertising a 1923 short comedy film starring Lige Conley and Louise Fazenda. Fazenda was a gawky, highly popular slapstick funny girl silent film star of the time who starred in several silent shorts and full length films. She started as a Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty. Some of her movie roles include: the Old Maid, A Dream Comes True, and Ever Since Eve. Poster depicts a fantastic image of a maid holding a candle stick. A man in black looks as though he is about to grab her. The expressions on each face are comedically extreme. A great old film poster!








Super Attractions - The Biggest Show of Stars - All in Person

Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, October 14, 1957

Russell Williams, M.C. Featuring Jerry Lee Lewis; Little Richard; Fats Domino; Lavern Baker; Eddie Cochran; Bo Diddley; Chuck Berry; Bill Haley, and the Everly Brothers.


14" X 21 3/4". Original Poster Printed on heavy card stock. In good condition with some wear on edges, pin marks at corners and minor rippling. A great piece of rock and roll memorabilia.

$350 U.S.




















Artist Unknown.

Queen West Street Fair June 13 14 15 1980


Toronto: Queen Street West, 1980, Original Poster. Fine. 20" X 16" (51 X 40.5 cm). Silkscreen. A slight amount of wear to bottom edge with a couple of small, subtle closed tears. A beautiful poster in excellent condition.


Poster depicts a beautiful illustration of a Toronto Street Car. To the left of the car the Black Bull pub is visible at the corner of Soho and Queen Street W. A clean, crisp illustration with black lettering beneath. Poster advertises the Street Fair which will include outdoor movies, arts and crafts, late shopping, grange festival, sidewalk sale, live music and street musicians. The poster says the Fair will take place University to Spadina. In the late 70's and early 80's this area was transformed by local students, including those of the nearby Ontario College of Art & Design, and the area developed an active music scene which was one of the dominant centers of Canadian music in its era. This event was, no doubt, one of many which helped to bring about this change.


Aquila Books #136448.....$125.00 US







Art & Exhibitions


British Columbia Centennial Celebrations 1958

Write... British Columbia Centennial Committee. Original Poster. 36" X 24" (91.5 X 61 cm). With some wrinkling as well as some chipping and small closed tears near edges. Bright, vibrant colours. An interesting design.

Image depicts an outline of North America on a turquoise background, with the province of British Columbia filled in white. Out of the province sticks a large totem pole with '1958' carved into the top. - the British Columbia Centennial Committee was established in 1956 by the Centennial Celebration Act (SBC 1956, c. 56) to provide for the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary in 1958 of the establishment of the mainland colony of British Columbia.

$175 U.S.















Kranz, Kurt.

Ausstellung. Kurt Kranz. Kunstsalon Otto Fischer Bielefeld Februar 1948


[Original Exhibition Poster]. Berlin: Klibor Inhaber Heidemann, 1948, Original Exhibition Poster. Near fine. 23" X 16.5" (58.5 X 42 cm). Light horizontal crease and a few small other wrinkles as well as slight offsetting of ink which occurred during printing - else in beautiful condition.


A fantastic exhibition poster for Kurt Kranz the avant-guard German painter and graphic artist. This exhibition was two years after Kranz returned to Berlin (he had been working in Finland as a soldier during the war). This poster displays a fantastic central image of a dancing ribbon and ambiguous torso shape. On either side of this image are little figures with legs and many large eyeballs. These alienated and abstracted faces and hands appear repeatedly in his dynamic picture series. A beautiful, intriguing and surreal poster.


Aquila Books # 136450.....SOLD $750.00 US




Kranz, Kurt.

Bauhaus and Today. November 13- December 8, 1974.


 [Original Artist's Proof Exhibition Poster]. New York: The New York Cultural Center / Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1974, Original Artist's Proof Exhibition Poster. Near fine. 35" X 23" (89 X 58.5 cm). Some light creasing with a few small closed tears around edges. Bright colouring. In very beautiful condition. Inscribed in blue ink left of the title (the signature has been blown up in the image above to make it more visible).


A strong and interesting graphic showing 12 squares with three different progressions. Premium offset plate to left of the image (this is the artist's proof). Simple black lettering regarding the exhibition below the image. Inscribed by Kranz 25 - X- 74. Kurt Kranz was an avant-guard German painter and graphic artist. This exhibition took place following his retirement in 72. The title alludes to Bauhaus, the school where Kranz studied with many great artists and was awarded his diploma.


Aquila Books # 136452 .....$350.00



136457 Cruz-Diez. Galerie Denise Rene New York. 6 West 57th Street N.Y. Nov 1971. Cruz-Diez.


[Original Exhibition Poster]. Atelier Arcay, 1971, Original Exhibition Poster. Fine. 37.5" X 27" (95.25 X 68.5 cm). Slight wear, mild yellowing and a few subtle creases near edges though generally in very excellent condition.


Bright colours against crisp white background. A strong, visually capturing, abstract and optic graphic.


Carlos Cruz-Diez (Venezuelan, b.1923) is a painter and installation artist known for his chromatic structures that present color as an experience of encountering light. His artistic roots reach back to the Movimiento Cinético [Kinetic Movement] of the 1950s and 1960s.


The gallery of the exhibition was created by Denise René a French art gallerist specializing in kinetic art and op art. In 1957, she presented the first solo exhibition of Piet Mondrian in Paris. Aside from Paris, she had galleries in New York City (1971-1981) where this exhibition took place, and Düsseldorf (1969).


Aquila Books # 136457.....$250.00 SOLD


Claisse, Genevieve; the Pollock Gallery.

Claisse Pollock. The Pollock Gallery Toronto - Canada October 1971


[Original Signed Limited Edition Exhibition Poster]. Toronto: The Pollock Gallery, 1971, Original Signed Limited Exhibition Poster (24/35). Near fine. 33.5" X 26" (85 X 66 cm). Slight creasing near edges- else in wonderful condition. Rich, clean colours and bright whites.


With limitation number (24/35) to bottom left and signature to bottom right (shown blown up in the picture above), both in pencil. A bold, simple and visually striking graphic.


Geneviève Claisse is a French geometrical abstract painter, born in Quiévy in 1935. This was one of many solo exhibitions by the artist around this time. Signed by Genevieve Claisse.

 Aquila Books # 136461.....$400.00












Mondrian, Piet; Denise Rue Gallery.

De Mondrian Au Cinetisme.

Denise Rene 124 Rue la Boetie Paris.


Paris: Denise Rene Gallery, 1957, Original Exhibition Poster. Near fine. 40.25" X 22" (102 X 56 cm). Very slight discolouration along edges with a few small creases. Screenprint. In beautiful condition. Rich, bright, clean colours. Strong iconic graphic with the simple square shapes, lines and tri-chromatic colour scheme Mondrian is so famous for.


Pieter Cornelis "Piet" Mondriaan, (after 1906 Mondrian) was a Dutch painter. He was an important contributor to the de Stijl art movement and group, which was founded by Theo van Doesburg. He evolved a non-representational form which he termed Neo-Plasticism. This consisted of white ground, upon which was painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors (as seen here).


The Denise Rene Gallery was started by the woman of the same name. In 1957, she presented the first solo exhibition of Mondrian in Paris. Aside from Paris, she had galleries in New York City (1971-1981) and Düsseldorf (1969).

Aquila Books # 136463.....$400.00


Products & Advertisements


Canadian Tinned Soups

A Boon to Housewives

c. 1940.


Artist: Noel Hopking. 20" X 15". Original Poster. Two very light stains near top. Some crinkling and buckling. Very minor chipping at edges. Bright bold colours. A charming little poster.


Depicts image of soup being poured from an elegant silver ladle onto a bowl, around which is laid out fancy silverware, lace placemats and a shapely wine glass. This image by the famous watercolour artist Noel Hopking sells the idea that though it is convenient tinned soup is also gourmet hence it is extremely beneficial for housewives everywhere (an idea about canned food we no longer have today).

$175.00 U.S.



Compliments de la Brasserie Champlain Limitee

c. 1955.

Artist Unknown. Original poster, 16" X 25" with original metal hanger along top edge. In very good condition with edges slightly worn and very minor rippling. Two creases in the middle of the poster. A lovely vintage poster.


Advertisement from a Montreal Brewery displaying a woman sniffing a rose. Conveys subtle luxury and elegance.

$150 U.S.






We Sell McCormick-Deering Repairs

Fit Closer. Wear Longer. Better in Quality. c. 1912


22" X 32 1/2". Original un-mounted International Harvester Poster.  A-146-M  12-12-L. General Printed in Canada. Some small tears and chipping around edges. Lightly discoloured around edges.


"Genuine IHC Repairs Are the Only Ones Made from Original Patterns. Fit Closer. Wear Longer. Better in Quality."

$200 U.S.





The Louse Danger

The Louse as a Carrier of Disease. 1918.


18.75" x 11.75". British Museum (Natural History). Original Poster unmounted. Some crinkling to paper.


Describes how to avoid, detect, and get rid of lice.  "The Head Louse differs very little in appearance from the Clothes Louse, and is distinguished by its habit of living chiefly amongst the hair on the head." (from poster)

                                           $75 U.S.










Road Lug

The Tire for Double Duty on and Off the Road! Good Year c 1953


Very good. Original Poster. 42" X 27". Bright and crisp poster. Only slight creasing to edges with a couple of small closed tears- else in great condition. A great piece of oil ephemera.


The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling. This large, bold poster depicts a large truck with good years tires. The truck is hauling metal pipe. The landscape visible surrounding the road ahead is scattered with four drilling rig towers.

Aquila Books # 133 692




The Liverpool-Manitoba Assurance Company

 C. 1913


18 1/2" X 18 1/4". Original Metal sign, Litho printed by The Thos. Davison Mfg Co. Ltd, Montreal. Stiff card back with hanger. Some small nail holes and scratches.


Advertisement for a Montreal based company that began business on October 1, 1912, when it took over all the business, assets and liabilities of the Manitoba Assurance Company, which was incorporated in 1886 and which had been in business since 1590. The sign displays the name of the company as well as a buffalo and a picture of a globe.

     SOLD  $650 U.S.








 Blazemore Burns Clean, Lasts Longer

The Cleaner Burning Coal That Last Longer

c 1930


Artist: Unknown. Original poster 14" X 18". In large painted wooden frame 20" X 25". In very good condition with only slight yellowing. Frame is worn. Bright colours and strong eye catching graphics.


Advertisement for Blazemore Coal. Shows a brick of coal surrounded by flames.

$125 U.S.



Roller Bearing Disks

McCormick - Deering, Always in the Lead


18" X 24". Original un-mounted International Harvester Folding Brochure.  Printed both sides. Undated.

SOLD    $200 U.S.



The Original Big Ball

McCormick, Deering International

Treated Against Destruction by Insects c.1924


16 1/2" X 23 1/2". Original un-mounted International Harvester.  Printed in London, Canada.  A-119-M  11.24.L   

SOLD   $100 U.S.


Birnwel Coal

c 1943


Artist: Unknown. Original poster 14" X 18". In large painted wooden frame 20" X 25". In very good condition. Frame is worn. Dark, bold design.


Advertisement for Birnwel Coal Co., in Alberta, Canada. Shows a large chunk of coal surrounded by a red border.

$125 U.S.





This Inspiring Picture with 3 Packages of Ogilvie Blendies

The Six-Grain Ready to Serve Cereal


At largest dimension  25" X 271/4". Original cereal company promotional store advertising.  World War II: Winston Churchill, with "Free" image tipped on.  On heavy card stock.  

SOLD   $350 U.S.


An Even Stand - A Bigger Yield


Front Seed Delivery

Grain Drills


22" X 32". Original un-mounted Deering Grain Drills, front seed delivery.  International Harvester Company of Canada.   

SOLD    $200 U.S.



The Laughing Rider - Laurie Y. Erskine

Follow Erskine on the Trail of Duty + Brave Adventure c. 1928


12" X 19 7/8". Original watercolour art for dust jacket of book: "The Laughing Rider"  by Laurie York Erskine. H & S [Hodder and Stoughton]  - Adventures of Renfrew of The Royal North-West Mounted Police. In very good condition with bright colours. Some wear and darkening around edges. A dark and intriguing cover.

$750 U.S.




Announcements, Organizations and Others


The North Face of Everest 1978


Artist: Keith Shackleton. Published in 1978 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Summit of Mount Everest by the Royal Geographic Society.


Signed by the artist Keith Shackleton and the following Everest mountaineers: Lord John Hunt, leader of the 1953 ascent; Chris Bonnington, leader of multiple expeditions, John Noel, the chief photographer and cinematographer of the 1922 and 1924 expeditions, Doug Scott, part of the first ascent on the south-west face, and Noel Odell, part of the 1924 expedition and the last person to see Mallory and Irvine alive.


Poster showing a beautiful and majestic image of Everests North face, single edition limited to 1000 prints. 41" x 23"


1) In as new condition. 

Aquila # 129698  - $350.00 U.S.


2) Good. Slight soiling along edges and one inch long closed tear. 

Aquila # 133776 - $275.00 SOLD




Our Dumb Friend's League

72 Victoria Street S.W.I.

A Life Sentence.

The Sight of a Poor Animal in a Cage Must Pain All Kind Hearted and Thoughtful People.

Will You Help Them?

c 1905


 Artist Unknown. 36" X 26" in black metal frame. Johnson, Riddle & Co., Ltd. London, SE. In very good condition with only very light buckling. Bright, bold colours and strong design.


'Our Dumb Friends League' was a society for the encouragement of kindness to animals which was founded in 1897. The League grew rapidly and in 1912 launched the "Blue Cross Fund" to assist animals during the Balkan War. In 1950, Our Dumb Friends' League officially changed its name to the Blue Cross, being the animals' equivalent of the Red Cross. As well as animal hospitals, it now has adoption centers.

$800 U.S.


Dominion of Canada Emigration to the Province of Ontario.


221/2" X 175/8". Original printed broadside.     











Prevent Fires

Always Be Careful

Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited 1958


17" X 15.5". Metal sign. In good condition with some rust near edges and light chipping of paint at bottom. A fun and bright sign.


Sign by the Imperial Tabacco Company of Canada which still operates today and celebrated its 100th birthday in 2008. Strong, bold white letters on red, with the ABC's to remember about fire 'Always Be Careful'.

$35 U.S.




Mammut (Elephas Primigenius Blum.) [Lithograph].

Germany: Schweizerbart (Science Publishers), 1910. Very good. Original lithograph poster. 42.5" X 35" (very large). Rich colouring. In very good condition with only a couple of small closed tears to edges and slight wrinkling/rippling.

A nice image of a mammoth. Writing on the bottom of poster in German which translates to "Reconstruction of E. W. Pfitzenmayer on the basis of the 1901 and 1908 on the Sangajurachfluss Beresowka-Kolyma in the N. -O. -Siberia Eisboden excavated from the cadavers, and taking into account the Mammut-Darstellungen from the Paleolithic period. - Wohlerhalten".

Aquila Books # 137031.....$375.00



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