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Aquila books deals in a wide variety of original posters and works of printed & original art.  We have placed materials with major institutions, and with private collectors.Send an Inquiry : Here

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Canadian Military Posters:

Canada's 9th Victory Loan. A Swell Combination.

c 1945

The Government of Canada. Original Poster. Measures 23" X 17" (58.5 X 43 cm). The poster is brightly coloured with crisp details. There is some wrinkling and creasing, as well as very mild soiling to the top right corner, else it is in very good condition. Not laid down. The poster is surrounded by eggshell matting with a thin red border. It is framed in a simple silver frame with a wire hanger across the back. The frame measures 30 X 23.5 inches (76 X 60 cm)

An interesting poster encouraging Canadians to buy Canada Savings Bonds, featuring a "Second World War war service badge" superimposed over a $100.00 Canada savings bond maturing October 1st, 1963. The 9th victory loan campaign was kicked off in Ottawa Ontario by Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King and Hollywood starlet Shirley Temple on Oct 2st 1945.

$325 U.S.


Canadians Alert! - Come on Canada! Buy the New Victory Bonds

c. 1941-2


Artist: Stapleton, Archibald Bruce [b. 1910]. 24" X 17.5". Colour offset lithograph. Original poster with light folding crease going down the middle both vertically and horizontally. In very good condition with bright colours and minimal wear.


World War II poster. French text version in Choko 'Canadian War Posters', Plate XXX1 (149). The French version reads at top "L'ennemi est a nos portes". This poster is from one of ten drives for Victory Bonds conducted during WWII. In 1941 when it became obvious the war would last for a number of years war bond programs were organized under the National War Finance Committee which was at first directed by the president of the Bank of Montreal and later by the Governor of the Bank of Canada.

$300 U.S.









Join the 25 Club

This Useful Book Free to Members

The 25 Club "Book of the Year"

Buy a War Savings Stamp and Join Now! Apply Here for Your Copy of the "Book of the Year"


[Original Poster]. The 25 Club., [circa 1945]. Good to very good. 20.5" X 16" (52 X 40.6 CM) poster on card in bushed metal frame with white matting. Frame measures 28.5" X 22" (72.4 X 55.9 cm). Poster is brightly coloured however it shows some creasing, light stains, scratches, wear and a few very small holes/small closed tears. In two places the paper behind the image has been exposed 0.75 X 0.75 inches. The strong image and quality framing allow the image to remain strong and crisp despite the blemishes.


Canadian World War II propaganda poster encouraging Canadians to buy a war savings stamp to join the "Book of the Year" the 25 Club. Image shows a beautiful, smiling young woman in a Canada apron holding open the 25 Club book with many more in her pockets.


Aquila Books # 134711 - $200.00


Are You Man Enough?

Join the Royal Westminster Regt. c. 1960's


Original on heavy card. 15" X 22 1/2" Undated. In fairly good condition with light wrinkling, some water staining, rubbing, title bleeding colour at top.


"Are You man Enough? Join the Royal Westminster Regt. Canadian Army Reserve. Serve on a Part Time Basis and Be Well Paid for it!" Poster describes what the CAR is looking for (Young men 17-30) as well as the benefits of joining. The Armoury, New Westminster, B.C. "Be A Man, Join Now!".

 $125 U.S.



Books Wanted for our Men in Camp and 'Over There' Take your Gifts to the Public Library c. 1916


Artist Unknown. 41" X 28". Original World War 1 campaign poster asking for book donations for soldiers.  Professional restoration to vertical tear, with some small tears and crinkling around edges. Dark bold colours.


 This wonderful book related military poster from WW I presents a powerful image of a soldier with an armful of books. Rare and interesting subject matter. SOLD

  $1950.00 U.S.


Men of Valor - They Fight For You


Artist: Hubert Rogers, Ottawa. 24" X 36". Original un-mounted WW II Poster.  Issued by the Wartime Information Board, Ottawa.  Printed in Canada.  W1B-5E.     

SOLD   $475 U.S.







Fire Your Furnace Properly. Canada Is Short of Coal. Save 1 Ton in 5

c. 1941


Artist: Gwen Fremlin. 36" X 23.5". Original poster. In very good condition with slightly worn creases where poster was folded in 8. Some light dirt/staining around edges. Finger smudge of dirt 1" x 1" on the left side of poster half way up. Bright colours and strong graphics.


  Issued by the Department of Munitions and Supply. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, Ottawa. Strong shapes and colours help to convey the message of this Canadian World War II poster by one of Canada's famous female illustrators of the 20th century.

$225.00 U.S.


Faith in Canada - Use It All for Victory Bonds c . 1918


Artist Unknown. 35.5" X 24". Original poster. Lithograph. In good to very good condition, untrimmed. Some small tears around edges three at top and two on either side (the longest being 1.5" and the others smaller). Wear and wrinkling around edges.


World War I poster issued by the Canadian Government depicting a treasure chest with silhouettes of soldiers and battle in the background using simple and strong graphics to convince the Canadian public to buy war bonds.

$500.00 U.S.





Be Ready - the Army Must Finish the Job!  C. 1942.


Artist: Russell Taber. 36.5" X 23.5". Original poster.  Lithograph. In very good condition with a vertical and horizontal crease where it was folded into quarters. Three very small holes at very top top of poster which were expertly repaired. A very bold and effect poster.


Issued for the Dept. Of National Defense by the Director of Public Information, Ottawa. Strong bold graphics and colours are used by this WWII Canadian propaganda poster to call for new recruits (the imagery depicts a hand giving the looker a gun, helmet and army bag). In Choko 'Canadian War Posters' (French version) Plate XXVIII PG 142.

SOLD $375.00 U.S.


Your Health Is Canada's Strength

c. 1940


Artist Unknown. 35.5" X 23.5. Original poster. Lithograph. In very good condition. Worn creases across and down middle from where it was folded into 8, small holes where two lines meet. Slightly worn at edges.


"For free information on health and nutrition, write the Department of Pensions and National Health, Ottawa." Issued by the National Film Board of Canada. The poster depicts a happy-healthy, very Canadian looking lumberjack holding a large wrench. The department of Pensions and National Health mentioned on the poster was established in 1928 and became the Department of National Health and Welfare in 1944.

$150.00 U.S.


Lick Them Over There!

Come on Canada!


Artist Unknown. 24" X 36". Original un-mounted WW II Poster:  Printed in Canada.  UE-5L  


Issued by the Director of Public Information Under Authority of Hon. J. T. Thorson, Minister of National War Services, Ottawa. 

 $450 U.S.











It's Our War

c 1941-2


Artist: Eric Aldwinkle. 31" X 20.5". Original wartime poster. Lithograph. Ottawa, Canada. In very good condition. Creases where it was folded into quarters. Professional restoration to top left hand corner. Deep, bold colours and design.


In Choko 'Canadian War Posters' Plate XLIII (PG 172). Canadian world war II poster depicting a strong arm wielding a hammer by the famous Canadian war artist, designer and illustrator.

$350 U.S.







Battle of Cut Knife Creek 1885


Artist: W.D. Blatchly. 24" X 30". Original lithograph poster in very good condition. From topographical sketches by Capt. Rutherford of 'B' Battery, and Lieut. R. Lyndhurst Wadmore, 'C' Company, Infantry School Corps; supplemented by personal information furnished by Sergt-Major Spackman and members of the Queen's Own who participated in the engagement. Entered accourding to the act of Canada in the office of the Minister of Agriculture. In black wooden frame. Large chip out of top left corner (.5" missing). Slight rippling and some wear and light staining around edges. A brightly coloured and detailed poster.


In the mid 1800's the coloured lithograph fulfilled the role occupied today by the media. Action pictures of great battles of the empire were in high demand, and with rebellion breaking out in Canada's Far West in 1885, everyone wanted battlefield images that showed what was going on. The Toronto Lithographing Company, seized the opportunity to capitalize on a popular war to print and sell patriotic lithographs of the key battles and events. One of their chief illustrators and Canada's leading artists of the time, Blatchly, was given the task of doing the paintings. He used the battlefield sketches of military men who had been at the actual battle sites as the basis for his large panoramic paintings. To help the audience to understand the personalities and events he illustrated, keys were added at the bottom of the prints (as seen on this lithograph). The image shown here is of the battle took place on May 2, 1885, on a hill above the Cut Knife Reserve.

$650 U.S.


Canadian War Photographs.

In Color. Daily 10-6 Grafton Galleries. Admission 1'3

c 1916


Artist: Unknown. 20" X 30". Original lithograph on paper poster, untrimmed. 'Charles & Son, 4 Emerson Street, Southwark SE'. ' Canadian War Records'.  Some wrinkling, especially around edges, and creases where it was folded into quarters. Bright colours and a clean poster.


The image is positioned in the centre, with the title separate and positioned in the upper quarter, in blue. The text is separate and positioned in the upper left, centre right and lower third, also in blue. All set against a white background. The image shows a stylized depiction of the head of a British soldier. He wears a helmet which casts a shadow over his eyes, and smokes a cigarette. A rare poster advertising for a collection of Canadian War Photographs to be shown at a gallery.

sold$650 U.S.




Me and My War Savings Are Just Like THIS! - They're Good Things to HAVE and to HOLD

c. 1941


Artist: Jack Keay. 36" X 24". Original poster. Untrimmed. Two inch tear at bottom. 1/4" border around image. Worn and creased where it was folded into eight. A bright cheery image.


Canadian war poster showing a cheery looking girl and war savings certificates. Image by artist Jack Keay (1907-1999) who was born in King’s Norton, Worcestershire and was a popular book cover artist.

SOLD $250 U.S.









American Military Posters:


Defeat the Kaiser and His U-Boats

Victory Depends on Which Fails First Food or Frightfulness. Eat Less Wheat c 1918


United States Food Administration. Very Good. Original WWI Poster. Measures 19.5" X 13.5" (49.5 X 34.3 cm). Rich, bold colours. The poster is in very good condition with only a small closed tear to the bottom right corner. Not laid down. The poster is surrounded by white matting and is framed in a simple silver frame with a wire hanger across the back. The frame measures 28 X 20.5 inches (71 X 52 CM)


Artist unknown. In the foreground is the profile of Kaiser Wilhelm II wearing a German helmet. His face is colored green. In the background is a u-boat in the water; farther in the distance is a sinking ship with smoke rising from it. The sky is colored orange and the orange sky is reflected on the surface of the water. Centered at the bottom of the poster is a circular seal: a shield with a U.S. Flag motif, surrounded by wheat stalks. (This is a seal of the U.S. Food Administration.)


                                                                          $350 U.S.



Office of War Information.

Don't Kill Her Daddy with Careless Talk 1944


U.S. Governemnt Printing Office, 1944. (Poster) Near fine. [Original Poster]. Colour lithograph. 20.25 X 14.25 inches (51.4 X 36 cm). Light crease horizontally across middle, else in fine condition. A simple poster strong in both graphics and message.


Illustrated in 1942 by artist Dorothy Hope Smith who specialized in illustrations of babies and children (best known for the "Gerber Baby") this World War II propaganda poster warns against the dire consequences of careless talk (so the enemy cannot gain sensitive information). It depicts a heartbreaking image of a innocent young girl looking sad and clutching at a picture of her father.


Aquila Books # 134837 - $375.00





 U.S. Department of Agriculture

President Woodrow Wilson

Farmers! Housewives! Children!

The President of the United States Appeals to You Personally


[Original Broadside].U.S. Department of Agriculture, [circa 1917]. Very good. 30" X 21" (76.2 X 53.3 CM) original wartime broadside. Black and red text on thin beige poster paper. B/W photographs of farming at top and bottom with simple border. Light creases where it was once folded into eight. Light soiling and a few chips/small closed tears to edges. A fabulous piece of world war I ephemera.


Poster appeals to "everyone who produces or can produce food and by all who consume food" personally from President Woodrow Wilson. Includes headlines regarding "abundant food supplies essential", "make sure of large harvests", "to young men and boys", "to the farmers of the south", "to the middlemen" and "to every household". Probably issued shortly after the United States entered into WWI in 1917.


Aquila Books # 134733 -.$250.00



JOIN AT THE HELM- in Time of Need c 1917


American Red Cross. Thick card with printed image. Dicut red cross counter display, has never been put together. Not laid down. When assembled the image of the red cross would stick out about an inch in front of the rest of the image. At it's longest edges the advertisement is 53 CM X 53 CM (21 X 21 inches). It is behind glass in a plain silver metal frame (the total size of the frame is 55 X 55 cm/21.75 X 21.75 inches). Wire hanger across back. The image is bright and clear with only very slight wear and chipping to edges. Blue matting in back.


Image by Hayden Hayden a pseudonym for Howard Crosby Renwick. Renwick was a cousin of the famous American architect James Renwick, designer of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. A WWI nurse, in full uniform, is depicted remaining calm and steadfast in the face of a sea of war (with her hands on a ships wheel)


Aquila Books # 133624 - $500 U.S.





The United Nations Fight for Freedom

c. 1941


Artist: Broder. 22" X 28" (55.88 X 71.12 cm). Original Poster. In very good condition with a few small chips and very light foxing at edges. Worn creases from where it was previously folded into 8. 3/4 inch tear at top of poster.


A great wartime poster. O.W.I. Poster No. 19.  "Additional Copies may be obtained upon request from the Division of Public Inquiries Office of War Information, Washington, D.C. U.S Printing Office". Depicts an image of Lady Liberty and 30 U.N. Flags. Graphics emphasized the coalition of nations fighting for freedom against the axis dictatorships of Germany, Italy and Japan during WWII.

$150.00 U.S.






Help Them. Keep Your War Savings Pledge c 1918


The U.S. Treasury Dept. Poster measuring 29.5" X 19.5" (75 CM X 50 CM). Not laid down. In plain silver frame (frame measures 30.25" X 20.25" / 77 X 52 cm). Wire hanger across back. Poster is in excellent condition and colours are bright (with only very minimal wear).


Image by Casper Emerson Jr. World War I poster showing gun crew with 5$ war savings stamps serving as ammunition. Richly coloured with yellow, orange and grey writing, black earth, a red sky and blue/green soldiers. Issued by the United States Treasury to promote the Victory Liberty Loan. In order to pay for the war effort the United States Government issued a set of five liberty loans. The fifth and final loan was known as the Victory Liberty Loan. Working persons would buy these bonds or war stamps that they could then trade in for smaller denominations of bonds, which at the end of the war would be repaid with interest. A great poster, very evocative.


$450 U.S.



c. 1918


Artist: John Mills. Entire poster 28" X 21.5". 7/8" border around image. In very good condition. Small tears at top right hand corner and two at bottom left hand corner. Light chipping and wear at edges. Lightly wrinkled. Very light red stain near top of poster. An emotionally and graphically powerful image.


Poster depicts a devastating battlefield where a young red cross nurse is dragging a wounded soldier from the trenches. During World War I many medical services were provided by the nurses who volunteered for service. The challenge of helping wounded military personnel involved in trench and gas warfare was met by thousands of truly heroic American women. To recruit these nurses many of America’s most talented artists, known for creating portraits of young women, illustrated beautiful posters that both recruited, but also romanticized, these young heroines. Many of these posters solicited funds and supplies to help nurses comfort the wounded and perform their other services.

$400 U.S.



"Hey Fellows!"

Your Money Brings the Book We Need When We Want It. 1918.


Artist: J. E. Sheridan. 20" X 30". Original un-mounted WWI Poster.  Lithograph. 

American Library Association, United War Campaign, Week of November 11, 1918. 









Till We Meet Again

Buy War Bonds



Artist: Joseph Hirsch. 1942 22" X 28". In very good condition with bright colours. Fold line vertically down middle. Slight wear at edges. A very strong American WWI propaganda poster.


Image depicts a smiling soldier in a khaki uniform and cap waves from a porthole. Poster image by Joseph Hirsch (1910-1981) realist painter, muralist, illustrator, and printmaker. A different version of this poster that was also released shows more of the painting and has the signature of the artist (on this version hidden beneath 'Bonds') visible above the writing.

$375 U.S.





Let'em Have It

Buy Extra Bonds

We Bought Extra War Bonds / 4th War Loan


1943. Very good. Original American WWII propaganda Poster. Measures 26.5" X 19" (67.3 X 48.2 cm). The poster is richly coloured. Creases where it was once folded into 8 rectangles. The poster is surrounded by eggshell matting. It is framed in a simple silver frame with a wire hanger across the back. The frame measures 33 X 25 inches (83.8 X 63.5 CM).


Image by Bernard Perlin an American painter and illustrator whose work is in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution, the National Portrait Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Tate Modern, London. During World War II, Perlin designed popular propaganda posters for the American war effort before becoming an artist-correspondent for Life and Fortune magazines. His assignments took him to Egypt, Palestine, Greece, and the South Pacific, culminating in his presence aboard the USS Missouri to witness the formal Japanese surrender in September 1945. Perlin remained in Asia to document postwar conditions in Tokyo and Shanghai.


Poster shows the dark image of a soldier reading to throw a grenade. He wears a helmet and his sleeves are rolled up. Smoke and barbed wire can be seen in the background.


Aquila Books #134714 - $450.00



Military Posters From Other Countries:


The Empires Strength

"Do You Know That Australia Is the World's Greatest Exporter of Wool, and Also Supplies Wheat, Meat, Dairy Products, Fruit and Valuable Metals: That Aircraft and and Munitions Are Now Being Mass-Produced in Australia. These Are the Sinews of War" 1939


Lowe & Brydone Printers, Ltd. London.

Original lithograph poster. 39.5" X 25". Three horizontal and one vertical fold line. Slight wrinkling with mild wear and darkening to top left edge. Small closed tear (1/2") to top. An interesting poster in great condition.


Visually capturing poster which promotes Australian wool during World War II. Depicts a row of shearers the first of whom is looking up towards you. They are surrounded by abstract wool. Keith Henderson worked as a graphic artist for the Empire Marketing Board, from the 1920's. A great Australian poster!


SOLD Aquila Books # 133688 - $350




Thousands of Lives were Lost in the Last War because Valuable Information was Given Away to the Enemy through Careless Talk

Be on your guard

C. 1940


Original un-mounted WWII Poster. 20" X 15". Printed for H. M. Stationary Office by Greycaine Ltd. Watford and London. A. G. 2 T51-5666 . In good condition with some flattened wrinkles and minor rubbing.


Poster reads as a proclamation to the public during WWII. Red British crown at the top, bordered by red and black lines- bold graphics which make a strong point.

$100 U.S.





Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome

Born June 24 1850 - Died June 5 1916

c 1940


Artist: Unknown. 15 3/4" X 20". Original poster. Chipping and small tears at edges, with left top corner folded. Otherwise in very good condition with strong, bold colours.


Field Marshal Earl Kitchener the 1st depicted on the posters was an Irish-born British Field Marshal and proconsul who won fame for his imperial campaigns and later played a central role in the early part of the First World War. Kitchener won fame in 1898 for winning the Battle of Omdurman and securing control of the Sudan, after which he was given the title "Lord Kitchener of Khartoum". He died in 1916 near the Orkney Islands when the warship taking him to negotiations in Russia was sunk by a German mine. Following his death several memorials were made and named for him including the town of Berlin, Ontario, Canada, which was renamed Kitchener in his honour. His portrait, such as that shown on this poster, was used on recruitment posters before and after his death.

$200 U.S.




Russian Red Army Poster

c 1981


Artist: Unknown. 25" X 18.5". Original lithograph on paper. Bright colours with wear at edges and some chipping. Minor wrinkling. Two small dark lines at top right hand corner. A very nice poster.


White writing in Russian. Depicts red city in a star like shape surrounded by blue. In front of which a Russian soldier holds a rifle.


$150 U.S.







Czechoslovakia Will Live Again

c. 1942


Artist Unknown. 32" X 24". Original Poster. Offset Lithograph. In very good condition with some very slight creases and slight chipping along edges. Bright colours and strong, effective graphics, a bold and dramatic propaganda poster. 


Shows hand waving a flag, behind which the word 'Appeasement' is crossed out in red. A stylized depiction of a globe is positioned in the lower right. The strong colours, bold graphic shapes and B/W photographic hand and stick make for a very effective piece of World War II propaganda.

$350.00 U.S.








[Chinese Propaganda Poster].

 Poster of the 19th Route Army During the Shanghai War of 1932 [Text in Chinese]


C. 1932. Very good. Original printed poster. 30.75" X 21." in original metal mounts with string to top of poster. Some spotting and small tears to edges of poster, but dramatic imagery remains almost entirely unaffected.


A fantastic poster depicting battles between the Chinese and Japanese during the January 28 Incident, also known as the Shanghai War of 1932. Includes several smaller vignettes celebrating Chinese victory in several aspects of battle, including ground war, naval and air battles, and life-saving efforts by the red cross. Jian Guangnai, the leader of the Army, is depicted on horseback in the upper right corner of the poster. An interesting Chinese-language poster with dramatic military imagery. Aquila Books #134234





Belgium Sails For Victory

c. 1941


21.5" X 29". Original un-mounted WWII Poster.  Published by the Belgian Information Center.    Some paper loss/chipping to upper right hand corner. In good condition.


Poster shows eerie graphics by artist Lette Lhevoleries.

$275 U.S.



Your Hurricanes in Action

Thank you Uganda!


19.5" X 14 3/4". Original un-mounted WWII Poster.  Printed in England.   51-9769  G. P. D. 365/54 




Red Cross Ambulance in Action

Thank you St. Helena!


19 1/2" X 14 1/2". Original WWII poster. Red Cross in Action.    Printed in England 51/9766  GPD 365/54.       

$60 U.S.





 National Service Acts, 1948.

"Notice to Men Born Between 1st October, 1931, and 31st December, 1931 - Requirement to Register at Local Offices of the Ministry of Labour and National Service on Saturday, 3rd December, 1949."


[Original Poster]., 1949. Very good. 30" X 20" (76.2 X 50.8 cm). Some wear and soiling to edges with a few chips and small closed tears to top and bottom right corners. Light creases where it was folded into 16 parts; as well as some mild rippling. A small amount of professional restoration has been done to the top left corner. A very interesting military poster in very good condition.


Original National Service Act poster.  The conclusion of the Second World War did not end the substantial demands on the British Government with regard to the employment of the country's armed forces. With the majority of servicemen desperate to return to civilian life it was politically impossible for wartime conscription to be sustained. The requirement for a peacetime force larger than that made possible by purely voluntary recruitment led the post-war Labour Government to move towards establishing a national service system in 1946. The National Service Act was passed in July 1947 after considerable opposition from some Labour and Liberal politicians. The Act was to come into force at the beginning of 1949.  Financial crises, the advent of the Cold War and the Malaya emergency led to the National Service Amendment Act in December 1948, increasing the period of service to 18 months. This enabled National Servicemen to be used more efficiently and effectively, particularly overseas.

Poster outlines which men are required to register as well as where and when, according to the first letter of their last name. Men who have a preference for particular service are asked to say so when they register, however, no guarantee of receiving allocation to this type of service is not guaranteed. Specific instructions are given for Seamen and Fishermen. The penalties for not registering are also listed. The poster ends with a long list of those who are not required to register.


Aquila Books # 134728 - $250.00



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